April 19, 2017

Sawtooth Star Quilt

 Well it took me long enough, but I can finally check this one off! You can see my almost two years' worth of progress shots over here.

This is an exciting finish as its the largest quilt I've ever made! I know that because I ran out of binding, and I've never needed more than 8 strips before. I had more of the green solid, but I decided to keep that spot interesting and gave it a little Happy Go Lucky orange mum.

When I started this quilt, I was disappointed that for the first time in my adult life I lived in a house and had a backyard, but I couldn't do what I'd been dreaming of for years- garden! I loooove home grown tomatoes and squash, but we couldn't grow a thing because of a vole infestation. Luckily they were just in the yard, but man I hated those things. They ate everything in sight, there was no stopping them. Since I was so sad that I couldn't grow a garden, I started a quilt full of flowers and juicy reds and oranges and greens. (For the record, it was just a weird occurrence that year, and we haven't seen one in the yard since, thank goodness!)

Fabric: mix of reds, greens, oranges and a dash of grey from my stash. They are about 70% Bonnie and Camille, with some Riley Blake basics and other lines mixed in. The backing is Vintage Picnic wide grey check, and the border and binding are from the Miss Kate line.

Pattern: I did not follow a specific pattern, but the stars are 12" square, the sashing is 2" finished, and the border is 3.5"

Quilting: by Julie Hirt in modern loops. Thanks again Julie!!

April 7, 2017

Finished Swoon Quilt!

I can't believe I just wrote those words in the title. I made a Swoon! And finished it! Miracles never cease. I have probably planned 12 different Swoons (see here and here), but thanks to the fun sew along on Instagram, I finally followed through with one.

I gave a detailed list of the fabrics used for the blocks in this blog post, though I ended up changing one or two of them. The backing is Bonnie and Camille Handmade Olivia print in black, and the binding is V and Co. eyelet print from Simply Style, one of my top favorite prints ever! I wish it came in every color, endlessly. You can check this hashtag to see close ups of most of the blocks. The only one missing has Bonnie and Camille pink orange peels.

I changed the blocks to 20" so that I could fit all the cuts from fat quarters without breaking up the "petals" on the outside of the star. This is the same method used in Camille's Swoon Sixteen pattern if you want to give it a try. I like it much better! Because of that, with sashing, the quilt came out to 67" square- a perfect movie snuggling size for me :)

The gorgeous quilting was done by Julie Hirt- I've sent several quilts to her, I just love her design options. This one is called "Melange" and it won't be the last time I use it!

Though I'm so happy to have made this pattern finally, I still don't feel like I've had my fill. If time and money were endless and free, I would make the Sweet Marion version, as well as one in my favorite colorway- red, pink, blue, green. My mom would love that. There, see? I have an excuse! Time for another fabric pull....