March 16, 2018

Jane's Ladder quilt in Nest by Lella Boutique

Today I had the pleasure of sharing a quilt at the Moda Bake Shop- a website full of free patterns that use Moda precuts. If you haven't been there before, you are sure to find all sorts of delights!

Mine uses a Charm Pack, and I called the pattern "Jane's Ladder" as it's a variation of the traditional Jacob's Ladder quilt block. I inverted the colors in block B and alternated them for a fun diagonal design.


The first time I saw Lella Boutique's newest line "Nest" by Vanessa Goertzen on Instagram, I gasped. It has some of my favorite colors, and I love birds! If you don't believe that, I spent my Christmas money last year buying bird feeders, seed, and filling our backyard with places they could come visit. I have a clear feeder attached to the window to my sewing space, and I just adore my sweet little visitors! One day I'll get to be a bird for a bit and I'll spend all day flying and singing and living in a sweet cozy little nest.

I love the large floral in the line and put the light blue one on the back. Flowers and dots combined are my favorite. I also really love the little pearly chains that I used for binding. As usual, bravissima Vanessa!

Head over to the Bake Shop to print off your free copy of the pattern. It's easy and fun! I included instructions for a throw size as well, which would require a Layer Cake instead of a Charm Pack.

I feel like this pattern would work really well for a baby boy quilt. I'm always happy to find fabric and patterns that work well for boys!

Thanks so much for having me Moda Bake Shop! 

March 2, 2018

Sewing Machine Reviews- Husqvarna Opal 650 and Juki TL 2010Q

Occasionally I get asked about sewing machines, so I thought I'd post all my thoughts about mine here for reference. These two machines are the only ones I've ever used, so I don't have much to compare them to, but I can tell you everything I know about them!

My first ever machine is a Husqvarna. My parents bought it for me in 2013 as a gift. My mom has an older Husqvarna, and I love that we have the same kind. If you're in the states, I know you can purchase them at Joann, or a local dealer.

Image via Husqvarna


She (I call her Opal) has sooo many pretty stitches. Truly any stitch you would ever want. I use the scallops and waves often for quilting (with a walking foot, sold separately) and it's a nice way to add texture without the intimidating free motion foot. You could embellish almost anything with all the beautiful stitches.
I like the clear 1/4" foot with the metal edge (also sold separately) and can do very accurate piecing on this one.

It has a start/stop button option which, honestly, I don't understand fully, but I know it does something pretty nifty! I think there may be other fancy options on this machine that I'm not taking advantage of as well.

It comes with a button hole foot and makes them automatically. I've only ever used this once, but it was very clever.


She is fairly wimpy when it comes to bulky seams. I wouldn't even try to sew a heavy duty bag or something on this one.

It has a pretty slow top speed. This drives me nuts when quilting and I just need it to go WAY FASTER.

Not much throat space for quilting big quilts.

Small plastic bobbins that run out quickly.

In 2016 I bought a Juki TL 2010Q. I didn't know much about it, but a local friend was selling hers and I knew I needed a faster machine with more throat space. It has turned out to be a wonderful machine. It's not computerized, which could be considered a good or a bad thing! They can be purchased many places, including here at good old Amazon. This is an affiliate link, so if you decide to purchase there, the price remains the same for you, but I receive a small portion of the payment.

Image via Amazon


It's so fast! You can adjust the top speed (from turtle to rabbit- cute) and the top speed is remarkable.

It's very strong and will take any seam.

It has a foot pedal operated thread cutter, you just press "backwards". To me this is a FANTASTIC feature. It saves a lot of movement, time, and thread.

Another great feature is the knee operated presser foot lifter. Also very useful when you need both hands to position fabric.

Large throat space for quilting big quilts. 

Large metal bobbins that fill quickly and last a long time. 


It only has one, straight stitch. Not even a zig zag option. You can only adjust the stitch length, tension, and speed.

The light on it is quite dim. You will need additional lighting for this one.

This may be a consideration for those with napping babies or people sensitive to noises- the automatic thread cutter is fairly loud and jarring.

The free motion foot isn't open toe, so it's hard for me to see what's going on, though it works well.

So there you have it. As you can see, the Juki has a lot more pros for me personally, but I can't live without the pretty stitches on my other one. It's quite possible that there exists a machine out there with all the features I love from both machines (Bernina? Janome?), I just haven't looked into it. If you know of one that is fast and strong, has stitch options, and has a foot thread cutter, please let me know! Maybe one day I'll sell these and consolidate.

As I posted on Instagram this week, I've been updating my sewing space with a new swivel chair and adjustable-height table. It has been really nice so far! I will post about those next.

February 20, 2018

Muted rainbow stripe quilt tutorial

Hello quilty friends. Today I'm sharing a rainbow quilt that I made for a loved one. In the end I decided to gift another quilt to that person for several reasons, so this is just a "for fun" quilt at our house now! I'm not complaining :) The colors make me so happy. At 68" x 86", it's a very good size for a twin sized bed, so maybe that will be its purpose one day, who knows.

The pattern is as simple as they come, I really wanted the colors and quilting to shine! Plus this is the first quilt top I sewed as I was coming out of a very sick first trimester and the world felt overwhelming. I needed something really easy!

I honestly think it took me longer to decide on colors than it did to make the quilt top. I kept reordering 1/4 yard cuts from Fabric Bubb and after about 4 tries I felt very happy with this muted rainbow of Kona solids:

Pale Flesh (now Shell I think?)
Dusty Peach
Deep Rose

UPDATE: Fabric Bubb has listed a bundle of these colors for easy shopping. You can find it here

Fabric Requirements:
(14) quarter yard cuts of colors. They will need to be cut very straight, so if you are buying from a store that isn't known for it's accurate and generous cutting, maybe get 1/3 yds. instead. Fabric Bubb won't do you wrong!
1 3/4 yds white fabric (more if you're using it for binding too)
5/8 yd binding fabric 
5 yds backing


Cut the colored quarter yards into (2) 4.5" x WOF strips each. Trim off and square up the selvege ends, sew end to end for length, press the seam, and cut each strip to 4.5" x 68". I cut them in stacks of 4 or so. You will have some nice sized scraps for another project. I made a pillow and still had some left.

Cut the white fabric into (24) 2.5" strips. Sew all of them end to end and press seams. It will be very long! Try to let it fall back and forth into a somewhat neatly folded pile as you make it, that way you won't have a tangled mess and it will come up easily as you sew it. 

With your colored strips, and your loooong white strip, you're ready to go! Here's how I did it.

Sew a white strip along every colored strip, chain piecing as you go. In other words, I didn't cut any white until the end, just kept adding a new color strip as I went. Then trim them all up and press towards the colors. Using this method, you must be very careful not to tug on the white or let it pull down as you sew, or your white stripes will be wavy and bunched.

If that way stresses you out, you can also just cut (15) 2.5" x 68" white strips and sew them in between every color.

Sew the white strips and colors strips together alternately in your desired rainbow order (mine is listed in order above). Press toward the colors and your top is ready! Baste, quilt, and bind as desired. I had mine quilted with rainbow hearts by CrinkleLove. I had a mostly green backing picked out for this one, but when I saw the text print Sarah had available, I knew that was the right choice! I love it on the back of the colors.

For binding I used the same white as the stripes. I've never used white binding before, but I really love it! Now to see how dirty it gets, ha.

I planned the quilt dimensions so that they'd fit a twin bed, but we' don't have that size of bed at our house right now. I did discover that when using it on a toddler bed, you can get "boy" quilt or "girl" quilt colors by folding down alternate sides :)

I hope you find this tutorial easy to understand. I didn't plan on making one originally, hence no progress pictures, but then I got a lot of questions about it. It's a great place for beginners to start, or a fast project for experienced quilters.

As always, thank you for stopping by! This is my 100th post on this blog since I started in March 2016. I can hardly believe that, it doesn't seem like nearly that many. Thank you to those of you who follow along in this space. I'm happy to share it with you!

February 14, 2018

Rainbow Baby Quilts

Happy Valentine's Day friends! I've recently posted about my heart quilt, so today I wanted to share about an auction going on at my Instagram account to raise money for IVF. Head over there if you'd like to bid! I would appreciate it so much.

I finished these 2 rainbow baby quilts and wanted to auction them off to help someone. I've been thinking a lot about a family I know of who recently had a failed IVF, and the feelings of devastation they are experiencing. While I don't think the financial burden is as much of an issue for them, I know it is for many couples struggling with infertility. The costs are high in so many ways. I knew these 2 quilts would be perfect!

I reached out on Instagram (always a great resource!) and asked if anyone knew of a family or organization who could benefit. Through helpful comments I found a couple in my town who, after losing their first child shortly after birth, found they were experiencing secondary infertility. They are currently raising funds to go through IVF, and I am so excited to help them in a small way.

You can check out the listings on my Instagram for more pictures and specific details about each quilt. There, you can bid by leaving your offer and tagging the person before you. If you have any questions about it, please ask.

The auction will close Friday at midnight PST. Thank you so much to those who have already bid! I love you for that!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

January 23, 2018

Pink/Aqua/Gray Fabric Pull

I got a lot of questions about the last fabric pull I posted on Instagram so I thought I'd name them all here to the best of my ability.

Starting at the top of the photo:

1.Bumble Berries by The Jungs for Moda
2. Sweet Orchard by Sedef Imer for Riley Blake
3. Playground by Amy Sinibaldi for Art Gallery
4. Olive's Flower Market by Lella Boutique for Moda
5. Baby Jane for American Jane by Moda
6. Sweet Orchard by Sedef Imer for Riley Blake
7. Architextures for Robert Kaufman
8. Sugar Pie by Lella Boutique for Moda
9. Chestnut Street by Fig Tree for Moda
10. Sweet Marion by April Rosenthal for Moda
11. Dottie Tiny Dots for Moda
12. Baby Jane by American Jane for Moda
13. Farmer's Daughter by Lella Boutique for Moda
14. Mini Pearl Bracelets by Lizzy House for Andover Fabrics
15. Sweet Orchard by Sedef Imer for Riley Blake
16. Dear Stella Wild Tiny Hearts
17. Squared Elements by Art Gallery

I've also updated my Fabric Shopping post with an accurate list of where I've been shopping. None of these are sponsored, this is truly where I love to shop. Not that those things are mutually exclusive, just saying :) 

January 15, 2018

Bambino Quilt Pattern

I'm playing catch up with patterns I never announced here on the blog. This here is "Bambino", one of my favorites!!

You can purchase the pattern here.

The pattern calls for a 3.5" Treat pack for the scrappy border, and a bit of yardage for the rest. That's for the baby size. It also has instructions for a throw size quilt, using a 5" charm pack for the scrappy border. I have a custom charm pack cut out from this pretty stack, ready for a Christmas throw size! Hopefully this year.

This one is special because my 4 year old helped me quilt it. He "pressed the gas" for every single one of those straight lines! I'm sure I gained some gray hairs that day :)


A couple of people have followed the colorway on the cover and made baby boy quilts. I love that version! You can see others here.  Not all of them are visible because some people are private, but you can see screen shots in my Instagram stories today!

The blog reader coupon code for this one is BAMBINO. Real original :) 15% off your entire order, expires Thursday at midnight PST. Thanks for stopping by!

January 4, 2018

Heart Quilt Pattern- Where Love Is

I made this quilt and released the pattern last summer, but realized today that I hadn't posted it here on the blog.  It's called "Where Love Is"- you can purchase the pattern here

It's quite a simple pattern. It calls for 4 half yards of pink and 4 fat quarters of red, but I made mine even a little scrappier than that! You can see the clever variations my testers made here.

I used a mix of mostly Bonnie and Camille pinks and reds for the hearts. The background is Moda Crossweave in grey, and the backing is from Jungly by Andrea Turk for Cinnamon Joe Studio. It's a bit redundant but I couldn't help myself, especially since it was a momento from a trip to Florida with my husband. He was kind enough to accompany me to Sunshine Sewing Studio on our getaway where I snagged 5 yds of this. Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere now except for as a fat quarter bundle here.

Look how tiny my pup was when I made this! She was just a wee little brand new thing.

The gorgeous loopy quilting was done by trusty Starlit Quilts.  I keep meaning to write a separate post about her, and still intend to, but let me just say- I met my match with her. I've used many longarm quilters and haven't had trouble with one. They all did a lovely job! But Star has everything I need- a wonderful array of backings on hand (she has an entire Etsy stop that's just my style), the kinds of batting I like, the price is right, and she is meticulous. I've never had a quilter ask me about my preferred scale until her. And I love her options! She's got great edge to edge designs available, but also does a top notch job with custom. The only thing that could possibly make her more perfect would be if she and I were neighbors! Bless that Star. That's her name :)

If you don't have a Valentines quilt at your house yet, you definitely still have time to make this one!  I named this one after one of my favorite songs. It's a children's song in my church, and I love hearing the little ones sing it, but you can listen to the choir singing it here

Thanks so much for stopping by. As usual, enjoy a blog reader discount of 15% off- this time with code HEARTS. This applies to any patterns! Expires a week from now. Happy heart day preparations!