January 15, 2018

Bambino Quilt Pattern

I'm playing catch up with patterns I never announced here on the blog. This here is "Bambino", one of my favorites!!

You can purchase the pattern here.

The pattern calls for a 3.5" Treat pack for the scrappy border, and a bit of yardage for the rest. That's for the baby size. It also has instructions for a throw size quilt, using a 5" charm pack for the scrappy border. I have a custom charm pack cut out from this pretty stack, ready for a Christmas throw size! Hopefully this year.

This one is special because my 4 year old helped me quilt it. He "pressed the gas" for every single one of those straight lines! I'm sure I gained some gray hairs that day :)


A couple of people have followed the colorway on the cover and made baby boy quilts. I love that version! You can see others here.  Not all of them are visible because some people are private, but you can see screen shots in my Instagram stories today!

The blog reader coupon code for this one is BAMBINO. Real original :) 15% off your entire order, expires Thursday at midnight PST. Thanks for stopping by!

January 4, 2018

Heart Quilt Pattern- Where Love Is

I made this quilt and released the pattern last summer, but realized today that I hadn't posted it here on the blog.  It's called "Where Love Is"- you can purchase the pattern here

It's quite a simple pattern. It calls for 4 half yards of pink and 4 fat quarters of red, but I made mine even a little scrappier than that! You can see the clever variations my testers made here.

I used a mix of mostly Bonnie and Camille pinks and reds for the hearts. The background is Moda Crossweave in grey, and the backing is from Jungly by Andrea Turk for Cinnamon Joe Studio. It's a bit redundant but I couldn't help myself, especially since it was a momento from a trip to Florida with my husband. He was kind enough to accompany me to Sunshine Sewing Studio on our getaway where I snagged 5 yds of this. Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere now except for as a fat quarter bundle here.

Look how tiny my pup was when I made this! She was just a wee little brand new thing.

The gorgeous loopy quilting was done by trusty Starlit Quilts.  I keep meaning to write a separate post about her, and still intend to, but let me just say- I met my match with her. I've used many longarm quilters and haven't had trouble with one. They all did a lovely job! But Star has everything I need- a wonderful array of backings on hand (she has an entire Etsy stop that's just my style), the kinds of batting I like, the price is right, and she is meticulous. I've never had a quilter ask me about my preferred scale until her. And I love her options! She's got great edge to edge designs available, but also does a top notch job with custom. The only thing that could possibly make her more perfect would be if she and I were neighbors! Bless that Star. That's her name :)

If you don't have a Valentines quilt at your house yet, you definitely still have time to make this one!  I named this one after one of my favorite songs. It's a children's song in my church, and I love hearing the little ones sing it, but you can listen to the choir singing it here

Thanks so much for stopping by. As usual, enjoy a blog reader discount of 15% off- this time with code HEARTS. This applies to any patterns! Expires a week from now. Happy heart day preparations!

December 20, 2017

Quilted Braid Tutorial

For a while I've been itching to quilt the "braided" look, so I gave it a go a few weeks ago using a Blushing Bouquet bundle from KiwiFabric. I made a pillow cover and it turned out so soft and pretty! Here's how I did it.

I feel like I need to give a disclaimer every time- I don't know if this is the "right" way, or the best way, but it's how I figured it out so that's what I'm sharing! :) This one was a bit tricky to explain but I did my best!

You will need (116) 1.5" x 4.75" pieces. I cut mine from 7 quarter yards by folding them in half lengthwise and then cutting (6) 1.5" strips, and cutting those in half. There are some extras this way but it's quick. The exact length of the pieces doesn't really matter because they are going to be trimmed off, anything from 4.5" to 5" will  work. Use as many colors as you want!

This could be done beautifully by using (39) 5" charm squares from a pack and cutting them into (3) 1.25" x 5" pieces each. I'll have to try that next!

Start by arranging two pieces perpendicularly in this manner and sewing the top end of one piece to the top corner of another. Open it up and finger press. No need to iron until the end of the row.

Holding that seam down, sew your next piece parallel to the very first one with the top corner lining up with the second piece. Fold it out. 

From this point on, the seams on both sides will naturally lay upwards.

Turn the piece over and sew the next one, starting in the top corner. Will each addition, you will be looking at the opposite side of the patchwork. It will make sense once you start!

Keep going in this fashion until you've used 29 pieces for one row. Since you have to pull the patchwork away from the machine to reposition each time, it's not the most thread-conserving project. The best I can advise is to chain piece all 4 panels at once.

Press all the seams up (except for the very bottom one). Flip it over.

Line up the patchwork on a cutting mat and trim to 5" wide.

Then trim the width of the piece to 18".

Make (4) of these panels and sew them together, all pointing the same direction. Press seams open. 

Trim to 18" by 18" (only the top and bottom will require trimming). Quilt the panel as desired and make it into a pillow cover. I have 2 different method tutorials for that process here and here

 For the back I used a peach stripe from Prairie by Corey Yoder that I bought at StarlitQuilts.

I also figured out the math for a 42" x 48" baby quilt using the same method.

You will need (115) 9" x 3.5" strips, which can be cut from 10 quarter yard cuts. 

Follow the very same method, using 23 strips for each row, trimming to 10" x 42", and making a total of 5 rows. I will definitely need to try this myself sometime! 

Thanks for stopping by and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! May your preparations end soon :)

December 6, 2017

New Pattern Release- Christmas Candy

Today I'm happy to have a new pattern ready for you. It's called Christmas Candy and I do believe it's my favorite quilt ever thanks to the colors, the holiday it features, and the gorgeous quilting!

This pattern actually started over a year ago as a donut quilt! I wanted a pattern with donuts and lots of "donut box pink". However, by the time I finalized it, there were several other donut patterns being released, and I didn't want to step on any toes. So I changed some of the shapes and made it a CANDY quilt. You can see close ups of this one at the beginning of the the #christmascandy hashtag. 

I love this quilt, and it deserves its own blog post eventually. I love the soft colors and especially the gorgeous custom quilting by Marion, but I felt the pattern just needed something more. I decided to add a Christmas variation by changing the solid candies to gifts, and the other two would look like wreaths and peppermints. I still planned on including both versions of the pattern, but considering feedback from IG and my testers, I ultimately decided just to stick with the Christmas version only! (On a side note, I'm trying to choose a quilt to give to my mom for Christmas, and this pink one might be it.) 

So there's the history for you- back to the matter at hand! I did not include this little bow in the pattern as I'm no applique expert, but I'm sure you all will come up with some cute ways to embellish those wreaths! I might even add a few little red "berry" buttons to a couple of mine.

The pattern is designed for use of a Layer Cake, but I cut from my long-hoarded Christmas stash for mine. I used Bonnie and Camille teal bias stripe for the binding, and backed it in Carolina 1" gingham in red.  The light blue background is Moda Bella Ruby Ice.

The real star of today's show is the jaw-dropping custom quilting by Starlit Quilts. Star really outdid herself with varying colors of thread and adorable little details like holly leaves in the background. I could stare at it all day! When I opened the package I gasped, and it's been making me smile ever since. Star doesn't know this, but the package actually arrived the day before my birthday! It was a happy birthday indeed.

As usual I like to share a release day coupon code for blog readers. If you use the code MERRY you can get 20% off any pattern including this one until Saturday night at midnight PST.

Thanks for stopping by and for your patience with the release of this pattern! Merry December to all :)

November 30, 2017

Tasha Noel Pillow with Crochet Trim

I'm so happy to be back on the wagon and making things again! I actually made this several weeks ago but just now mustered the energy to post about it.

I had the pleasure of working with Tasha Noel's newest line "A Little Sweetness" to make this throw pillow. Tasha Noel was my first fabric love in 2013. I went to a quilt shop in Utah with my mother in law and didn't know anything about anything about fabric. I bought a charm pack of "The Simple Life" and some pom pom trim. Ahhhh, those were simpler times, when I wasn't addicted to fabric. ANYWAY :)

This newest line is very fun and I love the color range. I wouldn't have ever thought to combine light blue, mint, and teal, but I love it. And the navy tops it off for me. So cute! I also love the little scattered hearts that I used on the side panel.

I get asked a lot how I put zippers in pillows. I did a tutorial for putting them in the bottom seam like this here and back placement here

I got the idea for this general design from a placemat in the book Sweet Tweets by Erin Cox. She combined a patchwork panel with crochet scalloped trim. I didn't follow the pattern since I needed different dimensions, and I already knew how to make trim.

For the patchwork panel you can use a 5" square pack. Trim them down to 3" and piece into a 5 x 7 panel (35 squares are needed). If you don't crochet, you can use premade trim or ric rac. Baste the trim to the edge of your panel, then sew an 18" x 5.5" side piece. Quilt as desired, and then assemble the pillow. You can see how I do that in the zipper links above.

If you do crochet, here's the pattern for scallops I always use: ch 80, turn, sc across, turn, (skip 1, dc 5, skip 1, slip stitch) all the way across. You will need to trim to size and stitch back and forth on the sewing machine several times before you cut it. For this trim I used 100% cotton worsted weight, same as Sugar N Cream and all those, with a US G hook.

I hope that all makes sense. I made another one just like it last year in Christmas colors that is on our couch right now and I LOVE IT. Happy December tomorrow everyone!!

November 28, 2017

Folk Stitches- Blocks 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, and 42

Hello! So sorry about the whole not posting blocks last week thing. I'll try to make it up to you by posting the last 3 early. So here they all are, the final 6 blocks!!

Block 37
Color A- 6
Color B- 6
Color C- 3
Color D- 6
Color E- 4
Color F- 2
Color H- 4
Background- 33


Block 38
Color A- 10
Color B- 6
Color C- 1
Color D- 10
Color E- 2
Color H- 4
Background- 31


Block 39
Color A- 2
Color B- 10
Color C- 4
Color D- 2
Color E- 6
Color F- 2
Color H- 6
Background- 32



Blocks 40, 41, 42 (all exactly the same)

Color B- 8
Color C- 6
Color D- 8
Color E- 8
Background- 34



I really wish, and fully intended, to have a finished quilt top (perhaps even quilted quilt!) to show you today, but.... I don't. I've spent most of the last several weeks just trying to keep food in my stomach. If you missed my announcement over on Instagram, we are expecting a baby in June! We are thrilled to pieces and really happy to be nearing the end of the sick phase. I'm hoping the burst of energy comes soon and I will get this quilt finished up to show you. In the mean time, I've already spotted a finished one over at #folkstitchesquilt! Can you believe that? I can't wait to see it in other colorways.

Thank you for sewing along with me this fall!