February 28, 2019

Easy Strip Quilt Pattern revisited, and a blog birthday!

It's been 3 years this month since the birth of Woodberry Way! I began by starting this blog, and releasing my first free pattern- Baby Basket. You can get the free Baby Basket pattern here.

This guy is also 3 as it happens :)

I've made this pattern several times now, it's so easy and fast. You can read about my first two versions here. This time I used Summer Blush by Down Grapevine Lane for Riley Blake. It's a gorgeous line! I used Bonnie and Camille Smitten for the binding (a happy match don't you think?) and scraps for the backing.

I quilted it with an automated squiggle stitch on my Husqvarna Viking Opal 650.

Using the cutoffs from the front of the quilt and two leftover white strips, I pieced together this sweet little underside quilt. It was so satisfying to use up those scraps in the very same quilt to make something beautiful, even if I didn't match my whites perfectly (see a few posts back).

To celebrate the birthday, I'm giving away a kit of fabric for everything you need to make this quilt top. Backing and binding not included.  Head over to Instagram to enter!

I'm so grateful to those of you who check in here, share your thoughts about it in the comments, make my patterns, and sew with me! Thank you for being here and loving quilts with me. It is a joy!


  1. Congrats on 3 years, Alli! I always enjoy the colors you choose for your quilts & their simple, modern vibe! Keep up the great work!

  2. Co gratulations.The quilt is stunning and as always your fabric combo catch my eyes, love them.

  3. Gorgeous quilt, front and back! I always love seeing your projects. You have a great eye for color and placement of pretty fabrics!

  4. Happy 3rd Anniversary of your Blog! I found you with your 'Rise' Quilt Along and have followed since :)! Always enjoy your posts - be it here, or on Instagram! You have a lovely family. Reminds me of when our 4 were little and those 'full' hours of the day with them :)! Your quilt and pattern is so pretty - especially with this fabric line. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  5. Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary. I too started following you and found you during your Rise QAL. I had every intention of trying to QAL but life got to busy. I love the colors you choose and just love watching your little ones grow up. Keep up the great work.

  6. Happy Third Birthday .... Thanks for the pattern and all you do !
    Love your work !!!

  7. Happy 3 Year Anniversary! I really enjoy all that you share with us on your blog and on IG. Love this pattern sewww much!! You have such a great eye for putting fabrics together and I love, love, love your patterns!! Thank you for continuing to inspire us and for being such a lovely part of this wonderful quilt/makers community!!!✨��✨

  8. Congratulations! I just love your patterns and reading your blog, especially about your little boys. So so sweet! Keep up the awesome work!

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    1. Oh, how silly - this is an older post, but i just got an email this a.m. that you had a new post. 😁

  10. Well three years, makes you feel young yet, accomplished so much! Love the patterns! Thanks for the sew along!