November 17, 2020

Striped Quilted Hot Pads

I'm happy to share this free pattern for today that I've made a few times now- a cute striped quilted hot pad. 

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I've made one of these before, as well as other simple patchwork hot pads. Today's version was a gift for a friend, so I tried to match the vibe of her living room with the colors, and chose a backing that I knew she would appreciate

Fabric requirements:
scrap strips ranging in length and width
9" square regular batting
9" square Insul Brite
9" square backing fabric
2.5" x WOF binding fabric


(I've shown this whole process on IG stories if you like videos better than words!)

1. Start with a 9" square of scrap batting. I followed this tutorial to sew the fabric in place, but on a piece of batting instead of paper.

2. Add some hand stitching on a few of the rows. 

3. Spray baste the strip block and batting to an additional layer of Insul Brite, or heat resistant batting. Spray baste a 9" square of backing fabric to the back side of that. Your quilt sandwich will layer as follows:

strip block
Insul Brite

4. Using an erasable pen and walking foot, quilt some additional lines through several of the stripes to attach it to the backing and add texture. Trim it up to 8.5" square. 

5. Attach binding, keeping the seam allowance a tad narrower than usual to make room for the double layer of batting. (You need just one 2.5" x WOF strip.)

6. Using a 2.5" x 5.5"  strip of fabric, press a double fold and topstitch along both edges. Fold into a loop and zig zag stitch to the corner of the hot pad. Sew a button over the raw edges. 

I have a little stash of cute buttons that I've been collecting over the years. This one is similar to these Flower Buttons, and I also found some cute Polka Dot Buttons, and Patterned Wood Buttons. I would love to own all of them :) I adore buttons but don't use them often since I don't make clothes. Yet!

Here are some other hot pads patterns I've made for reference:

"Pretty Little Hotpad" pattern by Amy Sinibaldi.
 Donuts 1 & 2 by Pen and Paper Patterns. I can't seem to find this one anymore. 
I still use this Tasha Noel hot pad with rounded corners and dense quilting. 

I can't think of many things more satisfying to make. A quick, colorful bit of therapy! I hope you enjoy is as much as I did. I hope to make a few more before Christmas!


  1. This is such a cute potholder! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I know that your friend appreciated the gift. I hope you are going to share the tutorial for the afghan. It is beautiful.

  2. I love it .... thanks for sharing !

  3. I love making quilt as you go hot pad /coffee hot pads. The diagonal should be fun , going to make some in red and white for Christmas.... thanks

  4. Makes me smile just to see your cute potholder. I agree on how fun they are to make. Thanks for the loop & button idea. Also love the blue, sweet tea one.

  5. So cute! I wish the video was still available. 🙁

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  17. Thanks for sharing the article.
    Striped quilted hot pads are a perfect blend of functionality and style, adding a vibrant touch to any kitchen. Their durable, heat-resistant design ensures safety, while the colorful stripes bring a cheerful, homemade charm to your cooking space.