June 6, 2016

Monday Mockup 3

For today's mockup I've joined forces with my friend Sterling at Sterling Quilt Co.  She wrote this pattern "Cake Blossoms" and I think it is so darling, especially in Little Ruby. The wonderful news is- she's selling kits for it starting today! AND there's going to be a sew along!

Pattern: Cake Blossoms by Sterling Quilt Co.
Fabric: Little Ruby by Bonnie and Camille

Sterling is offering an amazing deal on this quilt kit, you won't want to miss it! You can purchase it here. Just $40 for a layer cake of Little Ruby, binding, and the pattern. I can't wait to see this sew along develop, it really is such a cute pattern.

*If you are a designer in need of mockups or other graphics for your patterns, I am happy to help. You can contact me at woodberrywayblog@gmail.com. 


  1. Oh, I am SO tempted by this! I wonder what is an acceptable number of projects to have going on at one time? How big a quilt does this pattern make?

    1. Haha, me too Janice! I try to keep mine under 5 but it doesn't always happen :) It is 64" x 79".

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  3. Love this! I adore how bright and fun it looks!

  4. I see that Janice asked my question - it's a perfect size for my granddaughter's toddler bed and she has a birthday in early July. How tempting. I love the fresh look of your blog. It makes me want to linger and look at more posts. I don't know how you have achieved this great feeling of welcome.

  5. Great rendering, this quilt pattern looks great in Little Ruby!