June 11, 2016

Monday Mockup 4

The weekly mockup is a few days early this time as I'll be participating in a blog hop on Monday.

I'm pretty sure Swoon looks good in any and every fabric line, but isn't it just over-the-top gorgeous in Olive's Flower Market? Seriously, I die! Vanessa has a way of making me love colors that I don't usually pick, like brown. How does she make brown so pretty??

Pattern: Swoon by Camille Roskelley
Fabric: Olive's Flower Market by Vanessa Goertzen

I started this little series so I'd get these quilts out of my system, but I think it just makes me want to sew them even more.


  1. Hi Alli, nice to meet you. You have a clean, happy style that is quite appealing. I love the fabrics you use, even though I have never made a quilt with those fabrics for some reason! But after seeing your work, i may just have to try it.

  2. Hi Allison, Your blog header just makes me smile every time I see those beautiful colors and you are right, this is over the top gorgeous. What are you using to show the mockup? Is it EQ something or other I've been hearing about?

  3. I agree with you on this pattern! I made a similar quilt with another pattern and this one will be even easier. I love this new line coming out. I plan to get a bundle and this pattern will be it!! Thanks so much.