July 4, 2016

Monday Mockup 7

Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans! I truly love this holiday and the sights, sounds, and feelings that come with it.

It was only appropriate for this to be the mockup for today, though I wish it was a real quilt instead of a digital one. I have all the fabric to make this exact quilt, and I'm just so excited to do so, but I've been out of town for weeks! (#firstworldproblems) Next year it will be done for sure and I'm excited!

Pattern: Stars and Stripes by Thimble Blossoms
Fabric: Flags- scrappy, sashing- Daysail Aqua Crosshatch, binding- Vintage Picnic Navy Gingham


  1. I can see some beautiful quilts and very interesting color scheme. All the quilts are very unique and I just love to have all of them for my winters .

  2. beautiful quilts... good job. thanks for blogging it.


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