July 31, 2016

Norway Quilt

Since I just posted a mockup a few days ago, I thought I'd share one of my pre-blog quilts today instead. We need some pictures of real quilts around here! This is Thimble Blossoms' Norway pattern that I finished over a year ago.

It has already been through lots of use and washing, so it's crinkly and delightful. It's a favorite around here because the back is personalized to our family. I used the Spell It With Moda patterns to spell our last name, with a cute little mini Swoon.

I couldn't decide between scrappy or solid, so I used both kinds of blocks. I've seen some really beautiful versions both ways. Three of the blocks are from Miss Kate printed solids, and then the rest are with scraps from my stash. It's a great 2.5" leftover strips project. The pluses and binding are also the Miss Kate printed solid, in grey. I used Moda Bella 97 for the background.

The backing is a blue/green check from Bonnie and Camille's Happy Go Lucky line that I got on clearance about 2 years ago. Often my backing decisions are dictated by budget, but I find this forces me to stretch creatively and think of things I wouldn't otherwise turn to, which is always a fun adventure. Plus, this is a great print for a boy house!

Another reason I love this quilt is because it reminds me of my mama- she loves red and navy, and this is her favorite quilt pattern. I need to make her one! I probably would have given her this one if it didn't have the wrong last name on the back :) I wouldn't mind making this pattern again, it really is a fun one, especially the scrappy blocks. We are off to visit her for several days this week and I'm so excited.

This one is quilted by Hollie Rawe, the mother of one of my friends growing up. She is in Modesto, CA and has done several quilts for me, she always does a wonderful job. I'm not sure what this longarm pattern is called, but I love it.

 See you on Friday for Block 7 of the Rise quilt, we are getting so close to the finish!

I'm adding this post to this fun link party that I sometimes remember to join :)

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  1. I really like the mix of scrappy and solids blocks. I can see why it is well loved!

  2. Very pretty, and what a great back! No wonder your family loves it.

  3. Pretty! I love that quilting pattern!