July 22, 2016

Rise Quilt- Block 6

Several new people have joined us in the sew along this week. Welcome!! Here is Block 6, and with that we are two thirds of the way there!

Block 6 Pattern

Block 6 has very easy sewing, but the trimming can be problematic. If you are a new quilter and this one is making you grouchy and sad, go ahead and repeat one of your favorites from blocks 1-5 in different colors instead. There's no shame in that! I myself somehow managed it without trouble on the first quilt, but the second time around I trimmed it wrong 3 times! It happens :)

Most of you will have no trouble with it and I can't wait to see what you make!


  1. Look like a giant lovelt lollypop to me =) So much fun to look at. The fabrics you chose for you baloon work wonderfully.

  2. This is such a pretty block - now to choose the 5 prettiest Gooseberry fabrics! Thanks for making this quilt available as a sewalong - I'm really loving it!

  3. Love this Balloon block! This quilt is a treasure. I see myself making it over and over. Thank You Allison!

  4. Tried this 3 times and then realized it takes 6 strips not five! Back to strip piecing!

  5. I'm going to pass on this #6 but I'm ok with it. I will wait for #7 and see how it goes. I have made several extra of others.

  6. Oh I can't tell you how excited I am to have found your blog and this pattern. I am probably too late to join in the Quilt Along BUT if I can get the pattern I can go at my own pace. There is a reason why Hot Air Balloons are so special to me and my family. Two years ago my oldest daughter thought her chances at having a second child were gone. Her first child, James took 3 years of infertility treatments to conceive and carry but unfortunatley James was born at 32 weeks. Not that premature by most standards but none the less, he was later diagnosed with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. My daughter was devastated but she and her husband have met each challenge with God's Grace. However, the desire to have another child never went away but they had decided to forego any fertility treatments and let nature take its course. Adoption was a last resort but not an option her husband wanted. Long story short, Mary Ellen was messaged on FB from a Photography acquaintance that a friend of a friend wanted to give her 3rd baby up for adoption and being unable to adopt the baby themselves, she remembered a comment my daughter had made at a photographer's meeting about wanting to adopt a baby. The odds of this casual acquaintance thinking of my daughter have to be astronomical but considering God's perfect timing, not so astronomical at all. Mary Ellen's mind went immediately to a picture of a Hot Air Balloon with the Scripture verse that said "All things come from Above". Thus, Hot Air Balloons became the nursery theme and continues to this day to be the way she describes the way in which God worked a miracle in her and her husband's life. That little miracle was a baby boy, RJ, born Aug. 29th 2014...one day after MaryEllen's birthday of Aug. 28th! So as you can see, Hot Air Balloons have a very special meaning indeed!!!

    1. Your story brought me such joy! What a miracle for your family. I'm so glad we found each other here :) It's never too late to join, the patterns will be under the "Rise Quilt Along" button forever more.