August 22, 2016

First Snow Pattern Available!

I am happy to announce that PDF patterns for my quilt "First Snow" are now available for purchase! You can find it in my Craftsy shop here.

There are two variations included in the PDF version, with full instructions for both.

I'm so very grateful to Julia @redrainbootshandmade and Elizabeth @beth4619 for helping out by testing the pattern. Not only did they check all my math for me, but they provided invaluable encouragement as well. Thank you friends!

Paper patterns will be available in a few weeks, with separate patterns for each variation. Thank you for support and encouragement! You quilters are the best people around :)


  1. Congrats on such a beautiful pattern!

  2. Congratulations on your pattern release! I love both versions!

  3. Congratulations to publishing your pattern. It is very beautiful.

  4. It looks wonderful! Congrats and good for you!

  5. Great job! And beautiful pattern! It is super exciting to finish a pattern. I am in the testing phase for my very first pattern and I am so thrilled to finally get it done.