August 14, 2017

In the Round for American Patchwork and Quilting

The October issue of American Patchwork and Quilting is in stores now, and it features my quilt design for this simple curves baby quilt.

Check out the gorgeous nursery shots they got for the magazine! I wish I could be a little girl again and play there, what a dreamy space. Thanks for having me APQ!

Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. 
©2017 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

"In the Round" was a fun new challenge for me. I wanted to try something outside of my go-to techniques and color palettes. I chose 11 different Kona solids (from top left): Ice Peach, Goldfish, Pink, Tangerine, Corsage, Geranium, Ice Frappe, Bluegrass, Mint, Wasabi, and Pickle. (I love to get solids from Fabric Bubb, they have allllll the Konas) I hadn't ever used purple in quilt until this year, and I am loving it!

Quarter circles are definitely nothing new in quilt design, but sewing curves was new to me. This was my first time ever, and it was super simple to piece using the wonderful Circle Savvy Ruler. It looks like this:

Usually I'm not big on quilty gadgets and tools, but I can't say enough good about this thing. I avoided curved piecing before this because I dislike using templates and papers. You can watch this video to get an idea of how it works. I love that it has every size I'll ever need. I'm a fan!

I sent the top for quilting with Marion McClellan of My Quilt Diet and her gorgeous custom quilting completely stole the show! Marion used a combination of feathers, swirls and curved crosshatch and did such a beautiful job of it. 

If you have been uncertain about curves or scared to try, I would encourage you to get the ruler and watch the video above. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is! Curves were a mystery to me before this quilt, and I'm so happy I gave them a try. Conquering this new technique opens up a whole new world of design options.

 Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with the new week ahead.


  1. Beautiful quilt, love the bright colors and great pattern

  2. Sweet, color good,just right for a child's room,circles look fabulous.

  3. Love it! Your colors are gorgeous. So happy I found your blog.

  4. I love this! (Even if it is missing some red, hee hee!) I haven't yet taken the plunge for curved sewing either. I'll check out the video!

  5. Beautiful quilt design and the quilting is fabulous!

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