December 6, 2017

New Pattern Release- Christmas Candy

Today I'm happy to have a new pattern ready for you. It's called Christmas Candy and I do believe it's my favorite quilt ever thanks to the colors, the holiday it features, and the gorgeous quilting!

This pattern actually started over a year ago as a donut quilt! I wanted a pattern with donuts and lots of "donut box pink". However, by the time I finalized it, there were several other donut patterns being released, and I didn't want to step on any toes. So I changed some of the shapes and made it a CANDY quilt. You can see close ups of this one at the beginning of the the #christmascandy hashtag. 

I love this quilt, and it deserves its own blog post eventually. I love the soft colors and especially the gorgeous custom quilting by Marion, but I felt the pattern just needed something more. I decided to add a Christmas variation by changing the solid candies to gifts, and the other two would look like wreaths and peppermints. I still planned on including both versions of the pattern, but considering feedback from IG and my testers, I ultimately decided just to stick with the Christmas version only! (On a side note, I'm trying to choose a quilt to give to my mom for Christmas, and this pink one might be it.) 

So there's the history for you- back to the matter at hand! I did not include this little bow in the pattern as I'm no applique expert, but I'm sure you all will come up with some cute ways to embellish those wreaths! I might even add a few little red "berry" buttons to a couple of mine.

The pattern is designed for use of a Layer Cake, but I cut from my long-hoarded Christmas stash for mine. I used Bonnie and Camille teal bias stripe for the binding, and backed it in Carolina 1" gingham in red.  The light blue background is Moda Bella Ruby Ice.

The real star of today's show is the jaw-dropping custom quilting by Starlit Quilts. Star really outdid herself with varying colors of thread and adorable little details like holly leaves in the background. I could stare at it all day! When I opened the package I gasped, and it's been making me smile ever since. Star doesn't know this, but the package actually arrived the day before my birthday! It was a happy birthday indeed.

As usual I like to share a release day coupon code for blog readers. If you use the code MERRY you can get 20% off any pattern including this one until Saturday night at midnight PST.

Thanks for stopping by and for your patience with the release of this pattern! Merry December to all :)


  1. How do you manage to come up with THE most gorgeous stuff time after time? LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Oh, and please tell Marion her quilting is absolutely scrumptious. If I was your mom, I would squeal with delight to get this as a gift. :D


  3. This is such a beautiful design and the quilting is amazing.