February 14, 2018

Rainbow Baby Quilts

Happy Valentine's Day friends! I've recently posted about my heart quilt, so today I wanted to share about an auction going on at my Instagram account to raise money for IVF. Head over there if you'd like to bid! I would appreciate it so much.

I finished these 2 rainbow baby quilts and wanted to auction them off to help someone. I've been thinking a lot about a family I know of who recently had a failed IVF, and the feelings of devastation they are experiencing. While I don't think the financial burden is as much of an issue for them, I know it is for many couples struggling with infertility. The costs are high in so many ways. I knew these 2 quilts would be perfect!

I reached out on Instagram (always a great resource!) and asked if anyone knew of a family or organization who could benefit. Through helpful comments I found a couple in my town who, after losing their first child shortly after birth, found they were experiencing secondary infertility. They are currently raising funds to go through IVF, and I am so excited to help them in a small way.

You can check out the listings on my Instagram for more pictures and specific details about each quilt. There, you can bid by leaving your offer and tagging the person before you. If you have any questions about it, please ask.

The auction will close Friday at midnight PST. Thank you so much to those who have already bid! I love you for that!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


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