November 12, 2018

Honest Fabric custom fabric panels

This fall I've had the fun opportunity to become a designer for a new company called Honest Fabric. The founder, Karlee Porter, is known as a fantastic free motion longarm quilter. Her work is incredible! Her new company sells printed fabric panels- ready to quilt, no piecing required!

Each panel comes in different size and color options, and the fabric is high quality. I've had such a fun time thinking of different color options for my designs.

Some of the panels I designed to look like traditional quilts I love, but ones that use methods of piecing I don't love as much, like English Paper Piecing. I know so many people who love to do this, but I just can't make myself! And that's ok. These panels give the look of hexies without all the glue and papers :)

I had the same thing in mind when I designed the triangles. No point matching!

Other designs aren't meant to look like quilt piecing at all, just a fun motif that would be cute as a blanket, like these nesting dolls. There's also an option to have one of the designers make something custom just for you. I would love to do that!

Karlee has a coupon code right now if you check her Instagram page. I am still deciding which one I want to get, I'm exciting to work on my free motion quilting skills with one of these cute panels!

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