December 7, 2018

Christmas Medallion Quilt- Bambino Pattern

Hello! Merry December! I'm happy to have finished another Christmas quilt- this time the throw size of my Bambino pattern. I've put it on sale to celebrate!

(If you're wondering about that pillow, you can read about it here- Crochet Trim Pillow.)

I don't know why my photos are uploading blurry today, but I'm going to ignore it and carry on!

This pattern is designed to use precuts for the "dot" or snowball border- 3.5" Treats for the baby size, and 5" Charms for the throw size. Now before you ask what line I used for mine- I didn't! I love to make my own fabric combinations and I cut this custom Christmas charm pack a couple of years ago from my stash. I promise it will be cute in any Christmas line though! Or, you can cut your own favorites like me :)

I used Moda Crossweave in Black for the background and I always love the texture and contrast that provides. The binding is from Bonnie and Camille's Handmade line a few years back, and the backing is their new shiny silver dots from the Vintage Christmas line.

I loved making this quilt because I never got bored- each new layer makes it fun and exciting! Plus, Christmas quilts are always my happy place.

This one comes out to 63" square, a nice little throw size. You'd better believe we are using ours this weekend for Christmas movie night! The baby size is 42" square. You can see my baby one here, or check out some that other people have made. It doesn't have to be a Christmas quilt by any means, and I think it's especially cute for little boys.

The quilting was done by Emilee Hathaway. I'm not sure the name of the pattern, but I picked it because it sort of looks like Christmas lights on a strand. Right?

Grab the pattern while it's on sale for the next few days, and merry Christmas sewing!

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