May 6, 2019

Chamomile QAL Week 6- finish the top!

Chamomile friends! Hello! So I think maybe the universe is telling me I shouldn't host quilt alongs anymore. Why do I get so sick every time! My influenza turned into pneumonia and I'm sicker than I've been in a long time. I'm hoping with antibiotics I'll be back to sewing this week and can finish up my top, but no telling yet. So that's a huge bummer, but that's life huh. I'm very excited to see all of your progress and share last week's winner.

Check out this red and navy beauty by @cottageindustryquilts. I love it!

How about this loveliness by @what_saysie_makes. Dreamy!

And a sashing bouquet for you by @luv.pieced :) She's making a King size Chamomile!

Alright, and the winner of $50 quilting credit from Knot and Thread is @lynnhoule4!! Yay!! You will love her quilting. 

Crossing my fingers for a healthy body and a quilt top to show you next week! I'm so close! Thanks for sewing along and checking in here.

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