July 25, 2019

My California Home Quilt

This week I finished this California quilt with a heart where my city is located (Sacramento). Every quilt finish is so satisfying but this one really brings me a lot of joy! The colors, the amazing rainbow heart quilting by Emilee Hathaway, and the design are just HAPPY!

I have lived in California for 28 of my 33 years on earth, but I went to college in Utah and have a lot of family there, so people often think I live there. Nope! We just visit a lot!

I loosely followed My California Home quilt pattern, which was designed by Beth Bryant and sold by Diary of a Quilter in her shop, with all proceeds going to help victims of the fires last fall. I bought the pattern back then, but then decided to change it up a bit as follows.

My squares were 4" cut, I moved the heart up to where I live and made it smaller, making 2 half square triangles the same size as the squares, and using 1" corner triangles on the outside and 1.25" cut on the inside of the heart. I think I also changed the coastline a bit, though that was out of laziness, not planning!

The fabrics I used for the top started as leftover 4" strips from my Mod Diamond quilt by Pen and Paper patterns, I just omitted the Christmas print and added like colors from my stash. They are from so many different lines and designers, I could never name them all. If you see one you're just dying to know try to describe it to me in the comments and I'll do my best to get you the info! I still have 2 more rows to go on this quilt by the way. Very typical of me to leapfrog the main project with a side scrap project!!

Backing fabrics were 2 prints by Corey Yoder for Moda (Strawberry Jam and Sunnyside Up) and a pink and red diagonal plaid from Bonnie and Camille Smitten. I was so happy to use up these gorgeous florals on white, that I'm not otherwise quite sure what to do with!

For the binding I decided to do scrappy strips in the same fabrics I used for the top, and (mostly) lined them up accordingly. I love how it turned out! I've never done a binding that was essentially an extension of the piecing, I usually opt for a high contrast border. I love this though!

 My three year old took the following picture. I told him to press the white circle at least 10 times (hoping one of them would be focused and straight) and this was the only one he snapped. I love how off-center it is but he barely got it all in the frame, and featured the flowers! Artistic, right? Haha he's really a sweet helper.

Here are a few more shots for good measure. I'm super bummed that Blogger is making my photos blurry, I guess you get what you pay for! It's on my list to switch to a new interface so you can see how gorgeous these close ups really are.

As always thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate you being in this space and supporting my quilting!


  1. The colours look amazing! Just beautiful...and I'm not seeing blurry photos, even when enlarged xAli

  2. I like Your quilt so much, exspecially the heart in the middle! I've never been to the US (I hope, this will come sometimes!) , but I'm reading a novel at the moment that "plays" in California - and I want to go there :O) Thank You for showing this wonderful quilt! Regards!! Karin (from Germany)

  3. The pictures are good not blurry at all.

  4. Wonderful... fresh air for the eyes! Excellent work, too! I am jealous...

  5. These quilts are stunning and love your fabric combo!

  6. Very pretty! Your photos are not blurred on our end, they look perfect!

  7. This is so very pretty! The colors are bright and cheerful- just like California!

  8. This is absolutely stunning. I, too, am in Sacramento. We do live in a spectacular city don’t we? You should really be proud of your skills. You have a true talent for picking colors! Thank you for sharing.

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