October 5, 2020

New Dawn Fabric and Coordinating Basics

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Hello again! As you might have seen, I'm taking a break from Instagram this month and focusing on blog posts. Hooray! This seems liked a wise decision considering my blog doesn't have an Explore tab full of snarky political memes and doom and gloom :) So here we are! Today I want to talk about one of Riley Blake's newest lines by Citrus and Mint Designs called New Dawn. It has really captured my heart!

Rachel planned the line to coordinate exactly with some of the Riley Blake Confetti Cottons (their solids), which makes it sooo nice and easy. I absolutely love adding solids to my quilts, I use them almost every single time. The names for these are:

Riley Hot Pink

You can purchase this bundle (minus two colors) at Simply Love Fabrics! For the record, I do not have any sort of business association with SLF, they just take the time to make my bundle ideas a reality! I'm always glad when I have an answer to "where can I buy that same bundle?" :)

Riley Blake also has a bunch of basic coordinates (think dots, stripes, textures, and checks). I rely on them heavily in all my fabric pulls. I think doing so adds a lot of interest and depth to a quilt by expanding the scrappiness level beyond just the main designer line. If you click though on the RB Basics highlight on my Instagram, you can see some of the prints and colors in this photo by name. My favorites are Swiss Dots (here's a great assortment to boost your stash) and 1/8" Stripes. 

Simply Love Fabrics also has a basics bundle for sale with many of these prints! They also have a fat quarter bundle of the whole line, yardage of individual prints, or an inexpensive little 5" Stacker if you just want a little piece of each print!

Here are most of them all lined up together! 

Now the top question I've been asked on Instagram since making these bundles and many of you having bought them, is "what should I make with it?" I don't have time to make anything with mine right now due to living in the Great Madhouse of 2020 (I'm sure many of you with children learning from home can relate), but you know I love to mock things up and dream of quilts-to-be! So here are some ideas of quilts that I personally would love to make with my bundle. 

First up, No Point Stars by Cluck Cluck Sew. The stars have points, of course, but they don't have to line up with each other, which is really nice! A good beginner-ish pattern. I'd opt to alternate with white, and keep the centers the same print as the stars. I saw this idea years ago in a quilt by @redredcompletelyred and have wanted to make one like it ever since. Her stars were wonky though, and I don't do wonky, ha! For this one I didn't use any of the solids or basics, which is rare for me, but I think it works nicely. I used one of every print for a star and a background, besides one really light low volume. 

You guys know I love the Swoon pattern by Thimble Blossoms, I think it would look good in almost any fabric line, but especially this one!

I don't think you can go wrong with a Star Kisses quilt here, but of course I'm a little biased on that one :) I used a creamy peach background on this one instead of white- Riley Blake Peaches and Cream would work perfectly. That's the same one I used on my First Snow, for reference. 

Last but not least, I don't have a mockup for this one, but I think The Maggie Quilt by Kitchen Table Quilting would be so cute in this line. Really any of her quilts! I love Erica's patterns, even though I have yet to make one I think. That needs to be fixed!

Surpise, surprise, I think I picked all star quilts. I guess that's what I'm in the mood for right now. I hope you are all navigating this unprecedented time with as much grace and humor and you can muster. I appreciate you stopping by today! 


  1. Is there any way we could see your Summer Blossoms quilt made with the New Dawn fabrics? That’s what I’ve been leaning towards making with it. It would be fantastic if I could see it before I decide. I know you’re super busy these days, so if you don’t have time, I will completely understand.

    1. Angela, I have thought about this too and considered doing a mockup for it. What I do know is certain prints wouldn't do well for the flowers, particularly the plaid, and the big pixelated roses. This is due to the nature of the pattern having some big pieces and some very tiny ones near the center. I think if you steer clear of those prints, and maybe substitute for some basics, you can't go wrong. And the colors are of course perfect!

  2. Love your return to the blog! And love the fabrics--so much goodness that we can all use right now.

  3. Hi! I loved that you popped up in my email Inbox and your post is beautiful!! Star Kisses is my favorite, and I think you should have listed it first. ;) Take good care, I can't wait to see more of your posts!

  4. Such beautiful fabric! I'm curious to know how you make a mock-up. It would be so helpful to visualize fabric in a quilt pattern.

    1. Hi Michelle, I use a program called Electric Quilt 7. I bought a used copy years ago. I really love it. They do have a new version (8) now, I'm not sure of the cost. It's really great for quilt designing, though for better graphics for printing patterns I use Adoble Illustrator.

  5. Your fabric pulls always put a smile on my face! And I love the swoon pattern. Trying to get up the courage to try one! Thank you for sharing!

    1. You can totally handle a Swoon, it's not too bad! Especially the bigger size, the blocks are forgiving. I started with a Swoon Mini years ago and that was a mistake! Ha!