October 19, 2020

Pumpkin with Big Stitch Accent

I'm excited to share this free pattern for this Pumpkin wall quilt! You might remember a white pumpkin pillow I made a few years ago. A friend asked for a wall quilt just like it and I thought I'd bring you in on the process this time. This is a perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Fall decor!

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Fabric piece requirements:
(15" x 18" wall quilt, square pillow adjustments below)

Stem (grey)
1.5" x 1.5" 
2.5" x 1.5"

Leaf (blue):
 3.5" x 2.5"

10.5" x 12.5"

3" x 12.5" (2)
3" x 18.5" (2)
5" x 2.5"
3" x 2.5"
3" square (4)
1.5" square (5)
approx. 2" x 3" scraps and cutoffs (8)

NOTE: If you want to make an 18" square pillow cover (for a 20" form) like I did last time, widen the top and bottom borders to 4.5" cut instead of 3". 

Other Supplies:

I've linked each of the fabrics to the exact print I used, you can see the names in the links. The binding I used was from the Orchard line by Prairie Grass Patterns, Sky Blue Plaid, but sadly I could not find it anywhere. Maybe you'll have better luck finding it than I did!

Now, go check out the IG videos I have recorded here, I'll walk you though the process with the piecing. Here's what's shown in the video-

Step 1: Sew (8) background scrap pieces as shown in video to soften corners.

Step 2: Sew (4) 3" background corner triangles to pumpkin rectangle using stitch and flip method

Step 3: Sew (5) 1.5" background corner triangles to leaf and stem pieces, as oriented. 

Step 4: Assemble leaf and stem, attach to pumpkin and press. 

Step 5: Attach borders. 

Now your top is pieced you can quilt and bind as desired! I chose to quilt mine in a crosshatch, then attach the binding, then add the final touch of big stitch quilting to look like the grooves in a pumpkin. You'll find videos showing all these steps in the IG highlight. 

I hope you enjoy this Pumpkin mini quilt, it's just my favorite kind of thing! Let me know if you have questions or comments about it, send me an email or comment here. Thanks!


  1. Thank you ............. have a wonderful pumpkin season !

  2. This is such a pretty and fun tutorial! Thank you. What fabric did you use for the binding? I didn't see it listed.

    1. Ooops! You're right. I'll add that right now. It's an April Rosenthal, will have to look up which line. Thank you!

  3. Love this! Thanks for the video! Very helpful! And I love the colors!

  4. So cute! What are the finished dimensions?

    1. Oh great question I will add that. It's 15" x 18", unless you follow the note to make a square for an 18" pillow.

  5. So sweet! Love your pretty colour choices.

  6. Thank you for doing this re-make...first time for doing "flip and stitch", learned a new skill. Had fun making this. Love all your creations!

  7. Like all your creations, so beautiful to see. Thank you for sharing the directions.

  8. Hello! I love this pattern and want to make it this week! I can’t get the link to the tutorial video to work and searched your Instagram to no avail. Is there somewhere else I can find the tutorial video?!

  9. Searching for the video… Not sure if this is a case of lack of sleep or a Dim Kim moment (fleeting hopefully)!

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