December 18, 2021

Rainbow Quilt Kits

I know I said I wouldn't be back before Christmas- never listen to me! I finally have the rainbow bundles ready to go. Here's what we've got-

Pastel Rainbow Kit which comes with Mint Swiss Dot for the stripes!

Pastel Rainbow FQ Bundle

Bright Rainbow Kit which comes with Teal Swiss Dots for the stripes!

Bright Rainbow FQ Bundle

There are also binding listings if you want to add that in. 

If you get the kit, you can follow my twin size rainbow quilt tutorial. I'm also going to share a different one today down below! If you're new here you can revisit the other tutorials as well-

Crib size with 14 colors (2 ways!)

Twin size with 14 colors

If you're doing the big quilt tutorial, I recommend a wide backing rather than dealing with 7+ complicated yards of fabric. If you trim to 78" you need 2 1/2 yds of wideback, you'll need a little more if you keep your quilt wider towards a queen. Here are a few options that I really like. 

Ombre Confetti Pink

Ombre Confetti Blue

Ruby Star


Newsprint (I used this on my muted rainbow backing)

Inspirational Text

I used a really cute white and aqua floral Bonnie and Camille wideback for mine, but I can't find that anywhere anymore unfortunately. Depending which version I decide to make next, I'd love to use the obmbre confetti!

This is such a great quilt for showcasing some fancy shmancy quilting. I went all out on the floral motif here, what fun!

Alright. The only iteration of the rainbow kits/tutorials I don't have yet is a baby size using the 9-color rainbows. So let's do it! There are a lot of rainbow babies out there, I know several myself, and I think the world could use a lot more of these rainbow baby quilts.

If you buy today's kit and want to make baby quilts instead of the twin size, you can make THREE crib sized quilts from the solids. There are enough of the dots to make 3 quilt tops, and have binding for one quilt! 

It's super simple:

Instructions for 42" x 60" Crib Quilt

Cut each half yard into (3) 6" x WOF strips. Split them up into one of each color for three quilt tops.

For one quilt, cut (8) 1.5" x WOF strips of white (or dotted white). 

Sew the white strips in between the colors and press toward the colors. 

Trim the sides and quilt as desired, that's it! If it's easier for you, you can cut all the strips to exactly 42" and then sew them all together, that way you don't have to worry about squaring it up correctly in the end. 

I really like using the same white that I used for the stripes as the binding. You can see how I did that on this one (and used the backing I told you about above). You would think it would be a terrible idea to use such a light binding and it would get really dirty, but I've done it a few times now and they've held up great!

For the record, I will be carrying the muted rainbow kit sometime in the first half of next year. 

A few notes in case you missed my IG stories about these kits-

The pastels, as well as the brights, are different than the ones shown in the photos of quilts I've made. This is because many of the colors have been discontinued and those exact rainbows are no longer available. I do not feel like the new ones are any less wonderful, in fact I like the pastel one even a bit more! I will eventually stock a 14-color bright rainbow again too. 

The pastel kits were previously Riley Blake Confetti Cottons, which I LOVE for their softness and feel. However, I've found that RB solids sometimes have a different sheen on the front than the back, making the color appear different, making it tricky to remember what side you should have facing forward! Plus, two of the original colors are no longer made, so to keep it simple and have more color options, I switched to Kona. Same with the brights, which were previously a mixture of several different manufacturers, none of which I have a wholesale account with, yet :)

All in all, I'm thrilled with the kits offered here today and don't feel like I've sacrificed anything with these changes. 


Since (hopefully) most of these solids won't be discontinued in the near future, I will be able to offer these kits again, unlike the print bundles I've been doing. So if it sells out and you really wanted one, never fear! It will come around again. 

Thank you for stopping by today, and I hope you enjoy all these fun, simple rainbow projects! I plan to do a sew along in the new year- still deciding which version I want to make! See you then.

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