August 30, 2022

Halloween Low Volume Fabric Bundles

EEeeeeeekkkkk! seems like the only appropriate response for my excitement level. I am seriously pumped about these kits! 


I'm not usually one for early decorating, but in the world of quilting one has to have a certain amount of time to get the quilt done in order to do the proper decorating, am I right? Well I've got you! 

Make sure you add a paper or PDF copy of Chamomile to your cart if you don't have it, it's not included in the kit!

We have FOUR Chamomile kit options, with binding choices too. The binding add-on and sashing are interchangeable, so feel free to switch those around and have fun! I'm so excited to finally make a Halloween quilt for my kids, they have been begging for years. I'm making the Taffy version, you can watch my progress on IG @woodberry_way.

Here's the color breakdown for the sashing/binding options:

I have very limited number of black gingham backings this time too, which I think is going be soooo cute on the back! I personally ordered this Spooky n Sweeter print for my backing because it worked with the purple and I knew the kids would think it was fun. I don't think they sell bolts of it any more or I would have gotten it as an option too.

Image via Art Gallery Fabrics

I thought these lines had some good options for backings as well. I like the mums, ginghams and spiderwebs.

Bad to the Bone

Spooky Hollow

Midnight Magic

If you can wait until April, Riley Blake has quite a few Halloween lines coming up that would make make super darling backings! Really, I wish they were out now, there are some verrry cute ones.

There are also some FQ bundles available if you're not wanting to make a Chamomile, or if you want to create your own kit! It doesn't have as many prints as the kit, FYI.

I was worried about getting this round done with my next door neighbor/friend/quilt buddy Kim being gone to Utah now, since she did a lot of folding with me. We did ok though, my Dad actually came up to take the boys on a hike and then he and my husband did a speed folding challenge after, ha! They really helped me out. Have some mercy on their manly folding efforts this time :) In the future I'll have to find a more meticulous person to hire I think. Thanks anyway Dan and Dad!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have so much fun with these and I can't wait to see what you make! Be sure to tag me with #chamomilequilt on IG, I love to see!


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