October 27, 2022

Fat Quarter Patterns for Soft Autumn

Here are my top ten pattern suggestions for my upcoming Soft Autumn bundle, in order of what I'd most like to make! I made sure they are fat quarter friendly, so the hardest part will be picking which prints to use :)

1. Swoon Sixteen by Thimble Blossoms- I'd do Kona Sea Foam, Parchment, or Shell for the Sashing. You'll have to omit some of the FQs from the bundle, I recommend taking the lighter ones out. You can always use more prints than 16, just split up the cutting! The more the merrier I say.

2. Fall Leaves by Cluck Cluck Sew in just the Topaz and Sunstone color ways. Amazing!

3. Star Pop 2 Emily Dennis. I so want to make this!

4. Cheese Platter from Stash Busting Weekend Quilts also in one or two colorways.

5. The Penny Quilt by Kitchen Table Quilting

6. Or Violet, or Hazel, or Ivory from Erica. They are all FQ friendly and amazing! Here's the Taylor pattern, which would be great with these fabrics in color order. 

7. Hexie Framed by Emily Dennis

8. High Tide Remix by me is a solid choice for FQs, it uses them up efficiently and is a fast finish. 

9. Sweet Marie by me was the sample quilt for last year's fall bundle, really a great choice! Can't go wrong with Kona Lingerie for the sashing and Kitchen Window Woven (also in Lingerie color) for the corners. Kona Curry for cornerstones! Sooo pretty. 

10. Scrappy Trip is a solid choice almost always, and would definitely work here. 

One last thing I wanted to address was background fabric for this bundle:

Kona Parchment is the stone colored solid from the bundle, and would be a great background for the prints. It appears pretty dark in digital swatches but you can see in this photo how it relates to other colors, it's the top color. I think it would be pretty in the Fall Leaves pattern especially, or as the stems on a white background. 

Another option is Kona Shell! (The bottom fabric.) You know I love a soft pink background.

If you're wanting a white background for Hexie Framed or Sweet Marie, Kona Snow is a classic creamy white, and Kona Bone is a true cream. Either one would work for this fabric, depending on your preference. The white in the wovens is going to match more with Snow, but the prints would be really lovely against Bone. You can see more examples of these two colors in my background fabric post

If you're wanting a low volume background, or something with a subtle print, Rad Plaid is a brighter white with a really fun pattern. Daisy Days is a richer cream and would be lovely as well. 

Hope that helps! See you next week with the bundle release (Tuesday 11/2 at 9:30 AM PST). Don't forget to enter the giveaway!


  1. I love all the patterns and your bundle! You always manage to pick out the cutest fabrics! :)

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