June 21, 2023

Tea Time fabric!

I'm thrilled to announce we are 48 hours away from a really exciting product release- a sweet curation of fabric called Tea Time

This new bundle features soft pastels, florals of every kind, and some darling novelty prints with a nod to the UK- tea spoons, 101 Dalmation-esque pups, London landmarks, and of course Liberty florals! This is my first time featuring Liberty fabrics in a bundle, as well as the new-to-me Poppie Cotton prints, which are so dang cute! 

My sister Vanessa is cutting and shipping this bundles and has been so gracious as to provide us with all the cut options- half yards, fat quarters, fat eights and quarter yards! So there's something for every project and budget. It's a very versatile fabric grouping, and I've come up with a few ideas of what to make with it. Some of these aren't official patterns, but free tutorials or ideas to get you started. 

Simple Sawtooth Stars- If you made the 6" stars this would be a sweet baby quilt layout. 9" stars would be a twin size, and 12" stars would be 96" x 108"!

Gingham Windows by Flamingo Toes uses 10" squares, so you'd have extra pieces to make something else too. 

Star Kisses uses fat quarters and would be just the perfect amount when you take out a few of the low volumes. 

Scrappy Trip is always a good choice! I made mine with all prints but it would be darling with contrasting white as well. You can use any size bundle for this one. 

I would love to make a Jumping Jacks Union Jack quilt in this layout. The prints that barely show would be the stripes. It would be so cute!

It would also look great in High Tide Remix, or any version of the Swoon pattern! Happy to provide coordinating solids if needed. I've been matching it to whites this week and it works well with either a bright or a creamy white. 

Links will go live at 9:00 AM on Friday, June 23. Shipping will be open to US, CAN, UK, and AUS on fat quarters and smaller, but not the half yards. If you have any questions feel free to email me at woodberrywayblog@gmail.com. 

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  1. Is there any possibility to still get one of these curated bundles? I LOVE LOVE This! and if not, would you be willing to help out with a list of the fabrics you used? I can only find two of them on my own search.