March 18, 2016

Another Scrappy Trip!

I made my first Scrappy Trip (pattern found here) last summer in red, aqua, and navy. It is one of my very favorite quilts and is the designated drive-in movie quilt at our house! I will post about that one another day. For now I wanted to answer some questions about my second Scrappy Trip, which is still in progress.

I'm making this one for my sister, who loves navy and pink. I'm aiming to make a quilt for each of my 5 sisters this year, though some of them are being very indecisive about it, so I might not make my self-imposed deadline :)

I wanted to maximize my Gooseberry Jelly Roll (by Lella Boutique), and doing 12" blocks as the original pattern directs leaves quite a bit of jelly strip left over. So, I cut all the strips in half (approx. 21") and used 4 prints and 4 whites for each block, which gives you a 16" finished block. With one jelly roll and 3 yds of background yardage, you can get a 4 by 5 block quilt, which comes to 64" by 80", a very decent throw size, or it could squeak by as a twin.

I think I actually like the 8 by 8 blocks better than the originals, as it makes the pattern slightly less busy. I hope that answers most questions about this quilt! It is one of my very favorites and I can't wait to gift it.


  1. It's just wonderful! I have wanted to make a scrappy quilt for quite awhile. I have the jelly roll already. I just get bogged down with something else. Your quilt is just beautiful!!

    1. Thanks Judy! I just looked at your blog profile and you aren't too far from me. I live in Mather, just east of Sac. We want to move to a small town when we buy a house. I bet your area is just beautiful!

  2. Oh awesome! Thanks for posting this, I'm so excited to do this. I need a good picnic blanket!