March 18, 2016

Lonestar Quilt

I had the great honor of giving this old family quilt top a makeover. It was made either by my great grandmother, or my great aunt, we aren't sure. The top was too big and wavy for me to quilt so we sent it to longarm by my friend Hollie Rawe. Inevitably there were some puckers since the top really needed surgery, but the goal was for the quilt to be usable, and I'm not qualified for quilt surgery yet!

 I backed it in Regent Street Lawn's Floral English Garden in Ivory, hoping a lighter weight fabric would put less stress on the delicate quilt top. The result is so silky and light, I love it!

The binding is Kona Crocus, which didn't match exactly with the original purples, but I like how it brightened things up a bit and I love a stark contrast binding.

The quilt belongs to my aunt, and I hope it brings many years of snuggling. It's pretty amazing to think about the hands that pieced this beautiful top many years ago, and the time and thought put into it by one of my ancestors. I loved being able to make it something that is now useful and beautiful, instead of something in a box!

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