May 30, 2016

Monday Mockup 2

Pattern: Lella Boutique's "Snow Blossoms"
Fabric: Stacy Hsu's "Lil Red" for Moda

This is a completely adorable line, if I had little girls I'm pretty sure this is what I'd use to decorate! I added an extra little solid border to the original pattern.

I think this is my favorite quilt pattern of all time, and I've never made it! How sad is that? I bought the pattern so long ago, and I love every version I've ever seen. I plan on making a Christmas one eventually with some Tasha Noel and Lori Holt seasonal lines mixed together.


  1. What an awesome idea. I often run into the same scenario where I am dying to make a quilt but time and resources are scarce. Always when I have lots of time, I don't have the resources (year-long maternity leave). When I'm working, I haven't got much time. Do you use EQ?