May 28, 2016

Rise Quilt- Block 2 Pattern

Hello! Welcome to round 2 of the Rise quilt along. We are now to the balloon with the vertical stripes in the top right. Same basic idea as last time, just adding a little stripey patchwork to the mix.

 Here's my version for this time around. As you can see, I could stand to be a little more careful on how I attach my basket and ropes to the balloon. I do not claim to be a perfect quilter! Sometimes it bugs me and I go back and fix things, and sometimes I call it good and move on with the day :)

Knowing the dimensions of the balloon block at this point, if you're a more experienced quilter and are itching to make more blocks, please do! I would love to see what blocks you come up with. The sky is the limit!

It has been so fun for me to see your Block 1 balloons, they are darling! If you are just joining us, there is plenty of time to catch up, the following links will help you.

Block 1 Pattern
Pattern Overview

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  1. I just joined, excited to catch up and then continue with the rest of you! :)