September 1, 2016

Rise Quilt- Block 9

We made it to the final block! It's such a fun one too. I'm so proud of those who have kept up with the blocks. I know how difficult it can be to stay consistent with sew alongs (Spendid Sampler, cough cough), but so many of you have been diligent. They are going to be so cute!! Here is the final balloon.

I have already started filling a little dish with names of those who are entered in the giveaway for participating. You can make sure you are entered by sharing your finished blocks or block on Instagram with the hashtag #risequilt, or telling me on the Woodberry Way facebook page that you've been sewing along. The giveaway winner will be picked the day of the final pattern release- September 16th.

I did a little better with my block this time. I slowed down, was thoughtful about my fabric choices, and I love it. See you next time for the final instructions, hooray!


  1. I love this block!

  2. SO CUTE!! Allison, will you be keeping a link to this quilt pattern on your blog? I am really wanting to make this quilt!

  3. I can see all of these balloons as part of a baby blanket and nursery decor. Very cute.

  4. Thank you! Such cute patterns!!!