January 21, 2017

Fabric Pull- red/pink/teal/black

Hello again! For those of you who follow my Instagram, you know that I LOVE to do fabric pulls. It's an easy, fast, mess-free way to exercise creativity. I usually put them away fairly quickly. If I really like a pull, I'll let it sit out for about a week. Very rarely I decide to actually sew something with it! I'm ok with that, some days that's all there's time for. In fact, a lot of days :)

I have been doing this for a while over at #wwfabricpulls, and I get tons of questions about what fabric I've used, so I decided to just list them all here to make it simpler. I'll start with the most recent one and go backwards and fill in as I can. Also, if you notice I have any wrong, please tell me! Sound good?

Starting at the bottom:

1. Farm Fun by Stacy Lest Hsu for Moda- chicken wire print
2. Olive's Flower Market by Vanessa Goertzen for Moda- black bias stripe
3. Handmade by Bonnie and Camille for Moda- Olivia in red
4. Cotton and Steel basic for RJR- sprinkle in teal
5. Bonnie and Camille Basics for Moda- red/coral scallop
6. Swiss Dots basic by Riley Blake- white on black
7. Bonnie and Camille Basics for Moda- grey bliss dot
8. Miss Kate by Bonnie and Camille for Moda- red/coral basket weave
9. Zephyr by Rashida Coleman Hale for Cotton and Steel/RJR- Breeze in Sky metallic
10. Mama Said Sew Revisited Volume II by Sweetwater for Moda- gingham in black
11. Handmade by Bonnie and Camille for Moda- Candy Stripe in red/coral
12. Playground by Amy Sinibaldi for Art Gallery Fabrics- Ring o Roses in dusty
13. Handmade by Bonnie and Camille for Moda- Olivia in black
14. Vintage Picnic by Bonnie and Camille for Moda- gingham in red/coral
15. Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit Fabric- blue floral

I hope this helps! Sorry if I don't use the exact correct name for the print, you get the idea! It makes me happy when people find inspiration from these, and make things that I wish I could, but can't make the time for. I'm sure all makers can relate to that. So many ideas, so little time! But the ideas are half the fun, right?

I also get a lot of questions about where I shop for fabric. I've updated a blog post I did about that here. No, I do not have a fabric shop! I really don't have a ton of the stuff, as far as quilters go. Compared to normal people, yes :) I like to buy here a little and there a little. Basically, if I like it, I buy a FQ of it. If I really like it, I buy a yard. I love shops that offer FQ and quarter yard options for every print! I've never purchased a full FQ bundle, because there are always about half of the prints that don't make my heart sing with joy. For that same reason I don't use a ton of precuts. I lose a lot on shipping this way, and cutting time, but I have a very manageable stash, and I love every piece of it. There's no right or wrong way here, just sharing what I do since many have asked :) Now, what is your favorite place to buy fabric online? I would love to know!


  1. Yummiest combo.Have fun playing with them.

    I usually buy in etsy shops and FQshop.

  2. I like FQ shop and Lady Belle, too. It is always fun to order from Lady Belle because Brooke always includes a thank you card and a little mini charm pack. Lady Belle's prices are usually less than FQ Shop's, too. However, FQ Shop does have a gigantic selection.

    It is always fun to see a fabric in person. I love to see all the colors in stock because the displays fill my heart with total joy.