February 6, 2017

Monday Mockup #15

A while back I discovered Sherri McConnel's beautiful pattern "Daybreak" and fell completely in love. I knew right away that I wanted to make a Christmas version in scrappy red and green, like this!

Can't you just imagine it on your bed in December? Christmas heaven. A lot of Etsy sellers have Christmas fat quarter bundles for sale year round, like one of my favorite shops Catching Stitches.

I was thrilled to discover that it's a free pattern, and Sherri did a video tutorial with Fat Quarter Shop showing how to make it. I had a foggy idea of how to sew curves, though I'd never successfully done it, and this video walked me through every step. It's not so bad!

One thing that makes Sherri's method so wonderful is the Circle Savvy Ruler.  I didn't even know there was such a thing in the world, and the moment I learned about it I ordered one here. The idea of cutting out and using templates was always so discouraging (I know, so lazy!), and this ruler eliminated the need for that. I love that I'll never have to cut out circle templates, and I have all the sizes I'll ever need.

You'll notice in the mockup that I added an extra row to make it bigger, which means you can't really use a Layer Cake, but since this is scrappy that doesn't matter anyway. I'm going to cut two sets of each color from 8 green fat quarters and 8 red.

The blocks are 9" trimmed and you'll need:
  • 16 green pie blocks
  • 16 green background blocks
  • 16 red pie blocks
  • 16 red background blocks 
That's easy to remember, right? It comes out to an 8 by 8 block grid, with a 68" by 68" finished quilt. I hope someone finds a use for this information and has fun with it. I am over the moon that I've finally tackled curves, and especially that I've found a way to do it without templates. Hooray!!

Do you have a Christmas quilt? What pattern did you make?? I have a great one here, just saying :) I think I have 4 quilts on my Christmas to-make list!


  1. I remember watching that video ages ago when it came out and I loved the pattern......I love the idea of making it in the Christmas colors! I agree.....I would love to see this on one of my beds next Christmas! Thanks so much for sharing the mockup!

  2. You have a terrific idea!

    On another topic, I was in Costco getting my hubby the special set of tools he wants to give him for Valentine's Day, just so romantic, when I saw a set of 6 cases like the white one you showed in your organizing blog two blogs ago. The only downside was that only one of them was clear. The others had hues that got darker and darker until they got purple. So, they aren't very transparent. However, the price at $20 made me see right past that! I do have many WIPs. I did love your great attitude about loving our WIPs.