February 26, 2017

Jumping Jacks Quilt Pattern in Navy, Green, and Grey

I'm still pretty new to this whole quilt blogging thing, and one thing that I struggle with is remembering/taking time to photograph quilts with the real camera. What a drag! There are many, many quilts that haven't made it here to the blog because of this problem. But, I figured I should document some of them anyway, fuzzy pictures and all.

This here was my third Jumping Jacks, a wonderful pattern by Fig Tree and Co. Usually I'm not one to make the same pattern over and over, but this is a special case. After I gifted the first one to my British mother, she asked if I'd make one each Christmas for all of her 6 sisters, to which I enthusiastically said yes. I love making quilts, but I especially love making them for loved ones.

It's been fun to match the colors to the home and personality of my dear aunties, and there are still 5 more color combinations to go! I can't wait to see how they all turn out. For this one, I started with this navy/green/gray/aqua pull mostly purchased from Fresh Modern Fabrics on Etsy. This is not an ad or an affiliation of any kind, just letting you know!

These blocks are a tad tricky to get the hang of at first, what with bias edges and some very particular trimming, but now that I've done it 36 times I can make the whole quilt by memory I think!

We had this one quilted by Crinkle Love, using the pattern "Tickle", and I just love how it turned out.

I heartily wish I had some better photos for you to enjoy, but you'll just have to trust me- it was mighty pretty!

Here is the one I made the year before in pink/red/grey. You can read a little more about that one here.

And, the original I made for my mama, which is very well used! That's what I love to see.

P.S. The two little guys on the right are mine, though they are much older now! Plus I have another little bear added to the crew :) The others are my nieces and nephews of the time, who have also grown in numbers.

This year's Jumping Jacks is in the planning stages still, I can't wait to do the fabric pull!


  1. Beautiful photography is nice, but the eye candy is going to be just as pleasing even if it's not quite as sharp and clear. These quilts are wonderful! Thanks for the peak into the past! Got any more you haven't showed us? :)

  2. Beautiful quilts - love the colors in your newest one especially!! Each one is special :)!

  3. Just beautiful! And I love how you are making all your aunties one.....what a sweet thing for all of them to cherish!

  4. I have a kit for this quilt that I have had for some time. I keep putting off making it-I would love to have some tips! :)

  5. Stunning quilt and great photo!

  6. I am interested in making this quilt, but have questions about the pattern. Is it paper pieced? You mention it is tricky for trimming can you give me more detail? Fabric waste? I know blogger is making it difficult to respond to comments so here is my email: mcsdces19 at gmail dot com. Thanks!