September 25, 2019

Shiny Brights Quilt Pattern Release

Remember the Shiny Brights quilt from this time last year? Well it's time to release it in my shop! It's now listed as a PDF and Paper copy, discounted through the weekend to celebrate the release. It's really hard to find the magazine now, and lots of you have been asking for this one!

Best news of the day is- Fabric Bubb is carrying Shiny Bright kits! These are the exact colors that I used in my quilt. When choosing these colors, I used my Kona color cards and pretty much just chose all my favorites. I didn't think too much about what would go well together, I just pulled colors that made me happy that day. As a usually very meticulous color planner, this felt really wild and free for me!

In the end it really wasn't very wild, it was the colors that I always use and love, just a lot more of them all together. Haha! In fact it looks very much like the solids shelf in my fabric collection at this very moment :) You love what you love! This is definitely the most colors I've ever used all together in one quit though, I usually stick to 3-6 range.

I added some useful tips and tricks to the pattern this time. I thought I would share a few insights here as well. When matching pieces for blocks, I generally tried to contrast light and dark fabric within each block. I also tried to challenge myself and put colors together that might normally make me cringe! For example, never in my life have I put orchid and mustard together, but I loved the result of this little personal color challenge. It was fun!

Emilee Hathaway of Paisley, Prints, and Polka Dots quilted this one for me. I told her to choose whatever design she thought would work best, and I love it! She's is wonderful.

I kept the binding and backing very calm, with Kona Shadow (also used in the blocks) and Bonnie and Camille Basics grey dot. The background is Moda Bella 97, which I find to be identical to Kona Snow, though I never actually mix the two within one project!

The American Patchwork and Quilting pattern differs a little from the one I wrote. I always like to make my HSTs a bit larger and trim down to size. The point matching just goes so much better that way for me! I use this rotating cutting mat along with the Bloc Loc ruler, which makes it easy to make them perfect! 

And just because they did such a stinking cute job of styling it for Christmas, let's see it with the pink tree one more time. Thanks again American Patchwork and Quilting! (and today is 3 months until Christmas by the way!!)

Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. 
©2018 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

Don't forget that the Shiny Brights paper patterns are a preorder, they will ship next week! Catch them while they're on sale. And if you're a shop wanting to carry them, shoot me an email :)

See you in a week or so for more First Snow prizes!

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