October 6, 2019

First Snow Quit Along- Week 6

Hi there!! We've passed the half way point folks! This week we are making two more blocks, bringing us to 8 total, and next week we'll do the same. Here's how it's looking over here:

I've actually done 9 blocks and I'm going to try to finish up this week since we are supposed to be moving next week! It doesn't seem like they will be able to finish everything in time- we still need floors, exterior trim paint, and I'm sure other things that aren't obvious to me, but maybe they'll hustle and stick to their word. I have been packing, sorting, sanding, painting, you name it. It's been a busy but happy time.

I am loving this version by @gardenvarietyquilts with Lella Boutique and Grunge Basic. There are lots of beautiful things happening on #firstsnowquilt!

This week's prize is a fabric bundle from Starlit Quilts. Do you guys know Star? She is really a very special person. She is energetic, hard-working, upbeat, passionate, and kind. I feel honored to know her and call her friend! She offers wonderful longarm quilting services and also has a fully stocked Etsy store, which has been my most frequented shopping place over the years. I love that she offers 1/4 yd cuts, my favorite size to collect.

I got sidetracked talking about the wonder that is Starlit Quilts there, but the winner of her bundle is @courtcrafts82! You can DM or email her, or me, to claim your prize. Thank you for sewing along! It's so much more fun to do it together.

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