January 20, 2020

Scrappy Trip Quilt Along Update

Hello Scrappy Trippers :) Welcome back! If you've kept up the last two weeks, you've cut all your strips and made the first 4 blocks. If you're like me, you got excited and sewed more than that. Haha! This next week we will be sewing 4 more blocks (bringing us to 8 total) and then every week after that we will be sewing 3 block until we are finished.

I decided to finish this version for the sew along, rather than the Christmas one, which was feeling stale this time of year. Don't worry, I still love it and I'll get back to it! Maybe we'll do another sew along in the fall. I am loving this springy version with Riley Blake Sunshine background, Riley White accent, and Granny Chic by Lori Holt. I can't wait to make more of it.

If you're new to the party (never too late, always welcome!) you can read the Scrappy Trip Quilt Along Introductory Post here.

Schedule (start dates):
Jan. 6- Cutting
Jan. 13- 4 blocks
Jan. 20- 4 blocks
Jan. 27- 3 blocks
Feb. 3- 3 blocks
Feb. 10- 3 blocks
Feb. 17- 3 blocks
Feb. 24- assemble quilt top
Mar. 2- last prize

I'll see you back here on the blog in 3 weeks for some progress shots and thoughts, and to announce some really great prizes! Meanwhile you can get frequent updates on Instagram. Here are the prizes for the last 2 weeks:

The winner for week 1 was @leah4837, who won a $50 gift card to The Quilt Spot and specifically their awesome line of sewing-related jewelry and accessories. So fun!

The winner for week 2 was/is @quilting_grammy, receiving a free pattern download from I Sew Stuff, as well as a hand dyed-mandala from Traveling Dye Co. 

There are some amazing prizes coming up to be sure to post your progress on Instagram with the hashtag #wwscrappytrip so I can see it. That hashtag is turning out to be AMAZING. You guys are the best! See you back here soon.


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