February 4, 2021

Heart Block Tutorial and a NEW pattern!

It has been ages since I released a new pattern but the day is finally here! Simply Charming, a precut friendly quilt, is now live in my shop

Image via Love Patchwork & Quilting

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This one is made with 3 Charm Packs or a Layer Cake, and coordinating solids. I used 3 Corey Yoder (Moda) Charm Packs, and Kona solids. The solids are listed on the back of the pattern, but I'll share them here too: Gumdrop, Carnation, Shell, Salmon, Peach, Melon, Lemon, Cactus, Peapod, Aruba, and Candy Green.

This one was beautifully quilted by Sterling Quilt Co. Miss Sterling is amazing! I love her spunky spirit and beautiful quilting work. The quilt was featured on the cover of Love Patchwork & Quilting last fall. They named the pattern and I decided to keep it to avoid confusion. Since it's now out of print, I can publish my own copy of the pattern as the designer. You can check out more posts about this quilt on IG at #simplycharmingquiltww

I actually have several more patterns in various stages of production that I have somehow found the motivation to finish! So stay tuned for several more over the next few months. I'm really excited about it!

In other news, I've got a quick Valentine project for you. Some of you may have been around on IG with me since my early quilting days when I made a heart mini for my family in 2014. My next door neighbor friend expressed interest in having a mini quilt just like it. She recently experienced a loss and I try to jump at any chance to make her heart happy! Plus is doesn't take a lot of convincing to talk me into a mini quilt anyway:) So she picked some fabrics and I sewed up this top for her this week. I have yet to quilt it and finish, but so many of you are asking for a reader friendly version of this tutorial. 

For a detailed process video on this block, check out my Scrappy Heart highlight on IG.

Fabric requirements-

(6) light 3" squares

(6) dark 3" squares

(56) light 2.5" squares

(30) dark 2.5" squares

For "light" prints I used low volumes (on white) and very pale pinks. For the "dark" prints I used saturated reds and pinks. 

Sewing Instructions-

Step 1: Make HSTs (half square triangles) using the light and dark 3" squares. Trim to 2.5" square. You should end up with 12 HSTs that are half light/half dark. See videos if you need more detail on this.  

Step 2: Lay out 2.5" squares into following rows in a 10 by 10 grid. Sew into 10 rows. 

    Row 1- 10 light

    Row 2- 10 light

    Row 3- 2 light, 4 dark, and 4 HST

    Row 4- 2 light, and 8 dark

    Row 5- 2 light, and 8 dark

    Row 6- 2 light, 6 dark, and 2 HST

    Row 7- 4 light, 4 dark, and 2 HST

    Row 8- 6 light, 2 dark, and 2 HST

    Row 9- 8 light, 2 HST

    Row 10- 10 light

Step 3: Press rows alternate directions. Sew rows together and press. 

I embroidered the names of all my family members inside the heart and the kids love getting it out every year and finding their names. I hope you enjoy this little project and have a wonderful Valentine week next week! I'm excited to do heart pizzas with the kids and give them a little gift that I'll share on IG :) 

Don't for get to check out my new pattern and stay tuned for more, and as always, thank you so much for being here!

P. S. I'll share more pictures of my quilt when I get it back from the magazine company! They are stuck in a major lock down in the UK and I'm not sure when I'll get it back, but I'll be sure to share more when I do. The backing on this one is super cute.