March 25, 2021

New Patterns! High Tide and Pink Lemonade

I'm thrilled to announce 3 new patterns today, as well as a sale! 25% off with the code SPRING!

Let's start with my favorite- 

High Tide Remix! This pattern was an afterthought while finishing the High Tide pattern. I doubled the block size, which fit perfectly from a fat quarter, and omitted the background and accent fabrics, so it's print on print fun with big impact. The pattern includes different layout options, which have printable coloring pages below! I love the simplicity of this one, as well as the satisfaction of using fat quarters only. And the layout options make it super fun! I can't wait to try version E or F in a Halloween color way. 

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This one was quilted by Sterling Quilt Co. in 60s Mod Butterfly.

We discovered that even the littler guys can be quilt holders in this spot. Win!

Planning Blocks

This was my original fabric pull. After I made all the blocks I decided I wanted more white and blue in it, so I added another row. The pattern tells how many FQs you need for different sizes. 


B (the seams won't all nest on this one, so if that bugs you, pick another!)






Next up is High Tide, which is the block I designed first. I was so pleased with the efficient way the pieces cut out of a 10" sure- so satisfying! This one uses background (white) and accent corners (I used navy). I actually haven't finished my sample of this one, which is super sleazy, but that's where I'm at these days. It has been tested and it's good to go!

The last pattern has been out for a while, but I've failed to announce it here. Pink Lemonade first appeared in Love Patchwork and Quilting, and is now available in my shop. The fun part about this one is that Fabric Bubb and I chose kits for it! Here is the original color way that was in the magazine:

Image via Love Patchwork and Quilting, quilted by The House of Elle by Lindsay in Rainbow Hearts.

My sample quilt is actually still stuck in the UK. Their offices closed for Covid and the shutdowns there continue to affect when they are able to ship quilts home, so I don't have any other photos of mine to show you, but I did start another one in the Garden Terrace color way from Fabric Bubb!

I used the sticker labels from the kits to keep this all organized. 

Here's the last color way we chose for the kits. Pure Sunshine!

Lastly I just wanted to express a big thank you collectively for the kind messages I receive from you. These past few weeks several of you have gone out of your way to leave kind notes on orders, DMs, and emails that are supportive, friendly, and just so kind. At a phase of life that still often feels heavy and overwhelming, your words are powerful and give me such a boost. I so appreciate you taking the time to do that. You are an example to me! 

Happy weekend and don't forget about the SPRING sale! 


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