August 7, 2021

Sew Along Announcement- High Tide Remix

It's time you guys. It's time! We are going to sew along together. I am SO excited. We are going to do High Tide Remix, which is just $5 for the rest of the month (PDFs only, my printing situation is still iffy). Go snag the pattern if you don't have it already and take a look. It's super simple, fast, and easy! A perfect way to ease back into sewing. 


Week of-

Aug. 9: Choose fabric! 20 FQs for the standard size is what we'll be doing, but go bigger if you please! Instructions are in the pattern for bigger sizes, you'll need to adjust the schedule accordingly.  

Aug. 16: Cutting and first 4 blocks

Aug. 23: 8 blocks

Aug. 30 8 blocks

Sep. 6: sew top together! 

This is a pretty low time commitment as we're spreading it out over 5 weeks, and it's really such an easy quilt. 

I'm still debating which bundle to use- either this Halloween one, or something with PINK! Pink and orange or pink and green. You can vote on this post if you want to!

I need to make a choice by next week! One thing I learned the first time I made this quilt was that since there's no background, it turns out really dark and saturated if you don't have some low volume prints in there. I started with this bundle:

Once I made all the blocks it was feeling so dark and saturated with yellow, so I made 5 more blocks with lots of white in them, and a couple more cool blues. So this is the 25 FQ 80" square version.

This time I'll just do the 20 FQ version, and I might try a different layout! I've got coloring pages for all the different layouts on this post if you want to go print one and play around.

High Tide Remix Coloring Pages

Now for PRIZES! The prizes are still getting organized, but we already have some really fun ones set up. 

12 Lilliput FQs from April Grace Quilts

Free edge to edge computerized quilting from Barbara at One Sweet Bee Quilts

Another free edge to edge computerized quilting from Lori Kinzie!

Don't die of shock- ANOTHER free quilting :) This is the best kind of prize in my opinion. Yay! From Denise Hone at Happy Valley Quilting. 

There will also be some prizes from me. Probably a bundle of all my paper patterns, and some fabric too! 

I'm so excited to be doing this again. Somewhere in the last 18 months of distant learning/quarantine, I got the idea in my head that I don't get to sew until EVERYTHING is done. Dishes, laundry, you name it. So of course, I never get to it. And the house still has messes! Even after the kids started school, I felt like I couldn't catch up. But I decided today to go back to my old train of thought, which is- no matter what the state of the house/world is, I'm going to take a little bit of time each day in my sewing room. It brings me great joy, and that joy spills over into all other areas of my life, and blesses those around me. 

Let me know if you have any questions about this. Make sure to use the hashtag #hightideremixquilt- that is how winners will be chosen, and we want to see what you're making! I think you'll be so happy with how easily this comes together, it's so satisfying! I've had several people tell me how much they enjoyed making this pattern. See you on IG where all the fun happens!

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