May 17, 2020

Scrappy Trip Quilt Along 1 Wrap-up!

Better late than never is a common motto around here! We finished sewing Scrappy Trips many weeks ago, but I never officially wrapped it up. We had a great sew along! What started as a suggestion from one of you turned into so many quilting friends figuring out how to do a Scrappy Trip and you really did so well. Check out #wwscrappytrip to see all the wonderful creations- I loved seeing new ones every day.

If you're just joining the Scrappy Trip train, you can find lots of info in past posts:

Scrappy Trip Introduction
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Mine was quilted by the wonderful Crinkle Love, who offered a quilting discount for all participants. I think it's too late for that now, but it's not too late to use her amazing services! I love Sarah's selection of edge to edge designs and have sent tops to her several times. They always come back beautifully! Thank you Sarah!

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This time I used all Riley Blake fabrics:

Print roll: Granny Chic by Lori Holt
Background: Sunshine Confetti Cotton
White Accent: Riley White Confetti Cotton
Backing: Bake Sale 2 by Lori Holt
Binding: Granny Chic by Lori Holt

You can see videos of the process in my Instagram highlight Scrappy Trip Tips, More Tips, and Details (fabric requirements for different versions).

I'm still chipping away at my Christmas version. This is what I pull out when I want to work on something happy, easy, and known. I love this one so much! For this one I'm using 4 dark strips and 4 light strips for each block. Then I just make sure my greens and reds don't touch in the corners. 

I'm already planning another version- this time with prints touching the accent line. I'm excited about the fabric for this one which is:

Prints: Bloomington by Lella Boutique Jelly Roll
Accent: Moda Crossweave in Black
Background: Moda Bella 97

There's a good chance I'll do a sew along for this one in the fall, depending on the state of the world and whether or not my kids go back to school :) We shall see!

Once again, big big thank you to all our prize sponsors who made it so fun to keep up. We appreciate you! 


  1. I loved doing this. I'd started one with just Bonnie's instructions and got stopped since it wasn't doing what I wanted. So I did a Christmas one with your sew along and now really want to tackle the original idea using the information I have learned from you.

  2. Wow! What a pretty quilt! The work is so incredible!
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