May 18, 2020

Star Kisses Quilt Along

It's about time we had a Star Kisses Quilt Along! This is one of my favorite patterns and it's perfect for summer.

First of all, it's $5 only through the end of May and the mini pattern is $3.50! I'm out of paper patterns and my printing facility is down for Covid, so you'll have to stick to PDFs for now. If you need some fabric ideas you can check out #starkissesquilt on Instagram to see what other people have made, or #wwfabricpulls for color ideas. I'm going to go summery this time with red, white, and blue (and pink)!

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This is a mixture of Bonnie and Camille Wovens and their Smitten line and I LOVE IT! I haven't used wovens very much yet and I'm thinking it will require some starch, which I don't normally use.

A little history- I first designed Star Kisses for McCall's Quick Quilts in 2016. They had asked me to design something for them and I was so nervous! I had never worked with a magazine before and I'm so grateful to them for getting me started and being so kind. I made the first one in Hazelwood by 1Canoe2 for Moda. For that version only used 12 FQs- so that way you make a star and border both from each print. I ended up giving that one away for Christmas as an IG giveaway.

Then in 2017 I released my own pattern for it and made this quilt as a sample. This one used 24 prints instead of 12 for more variation, so no one print is repeated elsewhere in the quilt. I guess I never blogged about that one, go figure, or I'd give you a link. Here's the top, and the fabric pull for it, which was scrappy from various lines- mainly Cluck Cluck Sew prints with some Bonnie and Camille.

I gave that one to my SIL a few Christmases ago. Now that I've been designing patterns for a few years, I finally learned that you need to keep a pattern sample for trunk shows :) So I'll keep this new one! I'm supposed to have a show in Yuba City in June, we shall see if Covid cancels it or not. 

Here's the outline I'm going to follow for the quilt along. It's going to be quite casual. I don't have any prizes lined up from others, if you'd like to donate one feel free to email me. It will mostly be through IG with a few blog updates. 

May 18- Fabric Pull
May 25- Cutting
June 1- Make 4 blocks
June 8- Make 4 blocks
June 15- Make 4 blocks
June 22- Borders

It will be a fairly quick turnaround, but these blocks are much simpler than First Snow, if you've made that one. I've started a highlight of videos on Instagram already with Star Kisses tips and tricks that walk you through the process. 

I've always thought this would be a fun Christmas quilt, though I haven't made one myself. I've seen a few red and green only ones on Instagram, and I did this mockup a few years ago in Pixie Noel

One of my favorite things about this pattern is that you get a good sized triangle cutoff from the flying geese with which you can make HSTs. I used mine to make this quilt, which follows the layout of Lella Boutique's Chandelier pattern (in her Charm book), but I used pinwheels instead of squares. The pinwheels are purely from cutoffs, and the little squares connecting them were from cutting scraps from that quilt, and my scrap bin. It's one of my favorite quilts! I plan to do the same thing this time and give it to my mom since she's always loved this one. I don't remember the math for this one, but I'll be sure to tell you what size to trim the HSTs to when I get to it this time. I won't be sharing more than that since I followed Vanessa's layout.

Let me know (in email or on IG preferably) if you have any more questions about Star Kisses! Stay safe and well. I am excited to sew with you again!


  1. Several of the links to your photos are broken. I've never done a quilt along. How does one pay the $5?

    1. Click through the "$5 only..." link to her to her shop -

      Welcome to your first qal! Are you on Instagram? It's fun to see everyone's progress every week.

  2. I am also having problems with the photos for this quilt. I am only able to see the fabric collection (beautiful!) and the photo of the quilt. I would love to see the rest of the quilt photos. I had a late start on the Scrappy Trip, but my two scrappy lavender quilts were a great success, and pulled over 6 yards of white, yellow, periwinkle blue, lavender blue and lavender prints from my stash! They were a lot of fun, especially with the great tutorial on colour placement.

  3. What a pretty quilt!! Gotta practice more so someday I can make this! Thank you for sharing!