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Baby Basket Pattern

Dog Collars

Zippers on Pillows

Key Fobs

Modified Scrappy Trip

Muted Rainbow Stripe/Twin Size

Bright Rainbow Stripe/Throw Size & Pillow

Hand Quilting Tips and Supplies

Prairie Point Pillow
Arabesque Pattern

Crochet Trim Pillow

Quilted Braid Pillow

Rise Quilt

1 hour baby top

Arabesque Mini Quilt

Granny Square Pillow

12" Pinwheel Block 

Folk Stitches Quilt


  1. i can t stop admire your quilts !!!! it s amazing !!! love it so.. but.. i can t imagine when you make it? you have three sons .. impossible for me. i m mother just to two boys so i know that it s so hard to find time.. how you do that?? thank you. best whishes, zuzana :)

    1. Hi Zuzana! Having little boys as your first priority can be tricky to balance with such a time consuming hobby for sure! I try to sew for just 15 minutes a day. Some days I don't do any sewing if the boys are very needy. Once in a while I'll stay up very late to finish something after they've gone to sleep, I used to do that a lot more but since I had my 3rd I've been really trying to be reasonable about sleep. It's such a mood and spirit lifter for me to just do a little sewing, or trimming, or prepping each day, and a great motivation for me to get my other chores done. Thank you for your kind words!

  2. Allison - I just read your above response. I haven't quilted in a few years even though I still go to quilt guild. I was severely depressed after the death of my husband. I was lonely and miserable. Now my adult son has moved home, then immediately his 2 1/2 year old daughter; there is a custody issue and so far it appears she will be living with us all the time; and for the summer we have his 10 year old son. So, the house is alive and jumping. I told my son that I need to start sewing as soon as I get my machine out of the hospital. He agreed. He wants to do some kind of craft, too. We know the importance of distressing. I'm not used to this level of activity and I'm eons older than when I had children this age. Also, I have health issues. I love that you try to sew for just 15 minutes. I think that's a great goal and I'm concerned that I'd say, "Just two more seams. I just want to get this cut out now." My hat is off to you - this precious girl is very, very needy. Monday she got up when her dad left for work at 4:30 AM and he didn't get home until 6 PM. I had her eating supper and then was going to put her to bed. Grandma needed that. He does everything for them when he is here. I'm trying to do too much to help him since he's also working two short days a week as well. Thanks for how you manage your quilting time. Blessings to you and your family.

    1. Suze, thank you for your honest thoughts. It sounds like your world has been tipped on end! My mother always says, "there's a reason we have children when we're young!" Bless you for being available to your son in his time of need. As a creative person, I'm sure you will find solace in just a little bit of sewing each day. Sometimes the frenetic pace of little boys leaves my head spinning, and sewing something slows it back down again. Good luck to you!

  3. I too have health issues but on the road to recovery and quilting is helping me. I was looking for pattern ( I'm one of those people that need a pattern for everything) for baby trip around the world so when I googled that pattern up you come, so happy, but I don't have a printer so do you have pattern for sale? thank you helping me get back into quilting. I have 14 grandgrandkids to make a memory or a trip around a world so they will remember me. I have ask each of the married grandkids to give me a article of clothes that I can include in the quilt. Beverly Lenzo.

    1. Hi Beverly, I'm so glad you are back to quilting! I don't have any paper patterns as of now, so sorry about that. Good luck with your grandkid quilts!!

  4. thank you for your tutorials! Am going to do a Scrappy Trip this week, thanks to you!

  5. Your patterns are all so beautiful! The link for your prairie point pillow isn't working. This is my favorite and I really want to try it - do you have it available somewhere else? Thanks!

    1. Hi Patty, I am just seeing this comment months later, sorry about that! It looks like it's working now if you're still interested. I know Moda Bake Shop did a lot of site reconstruction this year but it should be all settled now. Thanks!

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  8. I just finished piecing the Jane's Ladder Crib Quilt. The pattern calls for 3 yards of backing. Can you tell me how you pieced the backing? I am trying to figure out whether I have enough width.